Electronic Junk Chistmas Tree

Introduction: Electronic Junk Chistmas Tree

In these days, electronic products are quickly obsolete and discarded. This is a big enviroment problem beacause "E- Waste" is not easy to recycle like others materials. Electronics contain many toxic components and the way to minimize this problem is a responsible electronic consumption.

Today, in my first instructable I want to show us how you can reuse old electronic boards to build a small christmas tree. I hope you enjoy it !!

The first thing you need is electronic junk!! You can get it from olds electronic gadgets like radios, dvds, decoders, players, etc... Do not throw it away your obsoleted electronics, they have a second life.

Lets go!!

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Step 1: List Materials and Tools

Materials you need are very easy to find!

1- Electronic old board from junk.

2. Some Leds from old devices.

3- Electric multi-tool (Dremel) to cut board.

4- Power supply source or batery.

5- Glue gun.

6- Permanent marker

7- Electronic welder.

Step 2: How?

1- Draw a tree shape over electronic board with a permanent marker. You can use a cardboard template if you need.

2- Cut tree shape with a Dremel multitool saw.

3. Paste three pieces with a hot glue gun.

4. Make a Leds star.

5. Conect powen supply or batery to leds star, be careful with Leds polarity.

You have now a simple and recycling chistmas tree. Thanks for watching!!

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    3 years ago

    This is really cute! I've got a bronze one that looks just like this. :)