Electronics Chandelier

Introduction: Electronics Chandelier

About: Great Imagination, Weird Mind.

This project is personalized and originated by my wide imagination of my weird mind.

I did not design it so much because if I did so, the electronic components that I used cannot be seen.

Recycle all electronic components.

No expenses.

Easy to build.




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Step 1: Materials


UTP cable

Broken Jack Connectors

Broken Earphones

Broken or Unused CD’s

Any Electronic Components available

Christmas Lights (still working)

Hook Screw *for hanging*

Adaptor to the bulb socket *for hanging*

Glue Gun with Glue Stick

Step 2: The Base

Connect 5 unused or broken CD’s with the glue and make a square shape out of them. Just like what’s on the picture.

Step 3: Electronic Components Blings

Cut the earphone’s wire in your desire length.

Cut to small pieces the electronic components, like the length in the wind chimes.

Make a small holes to the electronic components, no particular size but a small holes that the earphone’s wire can pass and make a knot on the wire that can lock them so the electronic components won’t fall or move.

Make as much as you can.

Step 4: Connecting..

Attach all the earphone’s wire-electronic components blings that you made, to the corners of the square shaped CD and use glue to secure it.

Step 5: Securing

Put the Jack connectors to the four (4) edges of the square shaped CD or the space that the center CD have and glue it also to secure. Use the UTP cable to reseal or secure it more. Remember to insert the Jack wires inside the UTP cable so that it is double seal and let the CD have some glue so it was so much seal and secure.

Step 6: Testing

Test it, try hanging it like what’s on the picture, to make sure that it can handle the weight of the blings. If not, try alternatives like use rugby to seal again or other materials that can support it. Just make sure it can handle the weight of the blings.

DO some knot in the Jack wire on your desire length. So that the Jack wires will be the one that carries the Chandelier and the one to be put on the hook screw.

Step 7: Let There Be LIGHT

Put the Christmas lights to the holes of the CD’s. Divide it properly. Tie the Christmas lights with any yard on the side where the Jack connector is so that it won’t fall.

Step 8: Light It and Hang It

Put a hook screw to your ceiling, near to your light source and hang the chandelier. Pull out your incandescent lamp from the socket. Plug the adaptor to the socket of your incandescent lamp instead and plug the male socket of the Christmas light to the adaptor. Finally turn on the light switch!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice use for a pile of old electronics bits! Thanks for sharing!