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Introduction: Eleven From Stranger Things!

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I crocheted a little Eleven from Netflix's "Stranger Things!" She's made out of acrylic worsted weight yarn, and is filled with polyfil. Her sock details were embroidered on, and her wig was made by first crocheting a wig cap, then attaching strands of hair one by one until they covered the wig cap, then it was brushed out. It still cracks me up that her wig is almost the same size as Eleven herself! Such big hair for such a little girl. :)



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    This is sooo cute I had to share on FB (and I voted)


    I love this!

    This is so cute. It could only be better if there were a way to make a tiny ego waffle to go with her.

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    Thank you!! I SERIOUSLY thought about making a tiny little waffle for her, but I got tired/lazy after making the wig and decided I was fine with leaving her waffle-less for now. :)