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Introduction: Elf on the Shelf DIY Costume

How to create your own Elf on the Shelf costume. For Halloween I wanted to be something different that many people had not been yet. Since Elf on the shelf is a newer part of many homes, I did not find any costume instructions to follow myself. I feel this is something people could use for both Halloween and Christmas. Don't forget to wear your own eye makeup.

Don't forget that Elf on the Shelf smile!

Step 1: List of Materials:

1. Foundation and blush

2. Blush, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick

3. Bobby pins (and if desired a hair band)

4. Red pants, red shirt, red Santa hat

Step 2: Elf Make-Up

First thing you should do is put Foundation and powder on your whole face. Next put on eye liner above your top eyelid. Then put on mascara and lipstick.

Now you will start the Elf on the Shelf specific make-up. Use red blush on the apple of your cheek and apply in a circular motion (the elf's red rosy cheeks are very round). Don't be afraid to make this very red and profound.

Next you will need to apply 3 long eye lashes on each eye. Use matching eyeliner from step one. Curve them and wing them into long lashes.

Step 3: The Hair

The main part of the hairstyle you need is the curvy bang. If you have bangs like I do, you need to grab them and create a swooping effect over your forehead and pin it in place. Since there really aren't girl Elf on the Shelf's, you can pretty well do your hair as you please. If you want it more like the elf, you would need to hide most of your hair in a ponytail underneath the Santa hat so that little hair shows.

Step 4: Creating the Outfit

For my costume, I found plain red pajama pants, then I found a plain red long sleeve t-shirt that matches the red pants. You will also need a red Santa hat.

If you want to go even further than I did you could wear white mittens like the elf does.

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    I will say I always thought those elves were a little creepy, and now I think they're terrifying...
    That smile...
    I'm sorry I'll be good! I promise!