Emergency Wilderness Shelter





Introduction: Emergency Wilderness Shelter

On a campout and forget tent? Lost in the woods? This 'ible will show you what to do when you can't do anything else. 
P.S. It is incredibly simple 

Step 1: Supplies

Sticks (lots and lots of them)
Hatchet (If available)
Hacksaw (If available)
Bucket (If available)

Step 2:

Find a tree that has a crook in it about four feet above the ground. Find a fallen down, straight branch (9'-12') and place it in the crook.

Step 3:

Start placing branches along the side. Continue until there are barely any holes.

Step 4:

Once you have finished you can do this option. IT protects against rain. Cover in pine boughs or leaves. 

Step 5:

Clean out the inside.

Step 6:

Ta da! 



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    4 Discussions

    I've made this before. I insulated it with leaves and it was like a furnace. Good design.

    Nice build. But without leaves on the top to provide protection from rain and wind, the shelter is not as useful. Dry leaves should also be placed (if available) on the inside to make a floor.

    Put leaves on the sides to insulate it. Good job!