Empire State Building With Lego




This is a short instruction on how you can build one of the most iconic buildings in the world with Lego. We enjoyed creating the Empire State Building and hope you have fun as well.

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Step 1: Build the Foundation

The foundation is quite important. While we are no architects, we understand that this is true for every building, so pay attention to the foundation.

Step 2: Add Strong Floor Level

In order to have the inner layer on a strong foundation, build a second floor level.

Step 3: Add Outer Layer

On the structural level, build the outer layer and keep the necessary space to create the inner layer of the building

Step 4: Work on the Inner Layer

The inner layer is also laying on the floor level and will have enough structural strenght.

Step 5: Add Another Floor Level

To continue the inner layer, add another structure floor level, this helps the inner layer to be stable.

Step 6: Make the Inner Level Grow

Based on the third floor level, build the inner level, that becomes the outer level the higher you build the structure. Try to keep it proportional to the entire structure.

Step 7: Grow Level by Level

Continue to grow the building with each brick line adding a floor.

Step 8: Final Floors

Unfortunately we did not take any pictures for the inner layers of the last floors, but the final picture should illustrate the remaining floors! Hope you made it :-)



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