Epic Headphone Stand!




Step 1) Cut some 3/4"X 2 1/2" pine stalk I picked up from a local home center.
Step 2) Cut the pieces at 45° angle at 4" long
Step 3) Glue up the 45s as shown in the picture.
Step 4) Cover the bare wood with carbon fiver vinyl wrap. (This can be found online) A heat gun can be helpful (but not needed) as it makes the vinyl more pliable. Take your time with this step as trimming the edges can cause nicks in the wrap if you are not careful. 
Step 5) I put a small amount of epoxy on the ends of the wrap to hold them in place (there is a product that 3M makes I did not have any.
Step 6) Enjoy the headphone stand!

This is my first instructable let me know what you  think, like or don't like! 




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    Reply 2 years ago

    some off brand vinyl I bought from metro restyling. 3m makes a version of it to that I have heard is better but never have accutally used the 3m brand myself.