Esp32 5110 LCD Interfacing and Digital Clock




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This is an instructable that shows how interface Nokia 5110 LCD display with Sparkfun Esp32 Thing Board.

I have interfaced with 5110 and Displayed current time. This Thing board connects to given WiFi and Sync time with given NTP server.

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Step 1: Connecting Nokia 5110 to SparkFun Esp32 Thing Board

Connect the LCD pins as shown in the diagram

Step 2: Coding

1. Add PCD8544-master library to your arduino

2. Above repository contains the sample code.

3. Compile it and upload to Thing board

Step 3: Components Required

1. Nokia 5110 Display Module

2. SparkFun esp32 Thing Board

3. Bread board

Step 4: First Run

1. On the sample code give your WiFi SSID and Password

2. Power up the Board

3. It will Show "Connecting..."

4. It will display "Connected" if successfully connected to a network

5. Next step it automatically sync with given NTP server

6. At last the show time!

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    1 year ago

    Excellent post, thanks for sharing. I have a question, how can I change the size of the letters, I have searched many libraries but none works with the ESP32. Thanks for your answer.