Etching With Salt Water and Electricity, Image Mask Using Paper




There are several instructables for "etching with salt water and electricity", check them. My addition here is to share a technique to create the mask of the image to etch using paper and a laser or inkjet printer.

Full disclosure: I learned this technique reading this great page:

, PLEASE check it.

The key is to use the paper from magazines or inserts in newspapers, the ones with the shinny surface:

- print you image (horizontally flipped and as a negative) on this paper

- use an iron at top heat and a popsicle stick to make sure the ink from the printed image sticks into the can's surface

- soak the tin in warm water to soften the paper before taking it away.

- do the etching

- Optional: use paint thinner or nail polish thinner to remove the ink from the can. Keep the black ink if you think it adds art value to your creation.




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