Everything Goes, Something Stays! - Fortune Diamond Ice Cube for Wedding Party

Introduction: Everything Goes, Something Stays! - Fortune Diamond Ice Cube for Wedding Party

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Fortune diamond ice cubes!
Guests find good fortune notes from inside a diamond which opens after the ice melts, as a token of appreciation from the newlyweds.

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Step 1: Two Objects Have to Be Made for This Project.

Two objects have to be made for this project.
1: diamond-shape container
2: tiny letter papers
Print two version of 5 cm X 3 cm letter paper. One is typed the couples' names which is for guests writing to the newlyweds. And the other one is thank you letter from the couple

Here is the sample:
Dear guests,
Thank you for coming to our big day!
John & Helen

Step 2: How to Make the Diamond-shape Container

First, use super sculpey to mould the half  diamond shape. (P.S. Make a smaller one that prepared for making space inside)
Then, make a silicon mould of it.
Next, pour polyester resin with dye inside the silicon mould with the smaller super sculpey inside to make the container.

Step 3: Objects Are Ready for Use!

Step 4: Time to Freeze!

Put the diamond with message inside into ice mould and make ice of it!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Wedding Party With Your Guests~

Ice melts while diamond and love message stay forever ~! :D

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