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The evil dead series might be one of the best horror series ever. And a famous trademark is Ash's Chainsaw Arm. For Halloween I went as Ash, but I didn't love the chainsaw. So I built another one, and here's how I did it.


Step 1: The Body (Got Milk?)

When I started this project, I did now want to spend a lot of money on a real chainsaw. After studying my grandparents Homelite XL Chainsaw (the chainsaw used in the movie) I decided the sides had the shape of a half gallon milk container. I took the container and cut it in half. Then I cut the handle off. I but wax paper on the holes and filled them with hot glue. I used a dremil tool to sand it down to seal it in.

Step 2: Extra Looking Close

Now to put we're the saw blade will go. I took a plastic thing that had some cupcakes in them and cut them in half. I slid them up do that they looked like one piece and fit on the remaining section of the side where the handle used to be. I glued them together. I took a sink drain thing and glued it on the side without the handle. I cut a hole in the bottom of the container. I took the cap of the milk container and cut the top of it off. I glued it into the hole. That is where the handle will go.

Step 3: The Handle

I took a curved piece of PVC pipe and glued a bottle cap onto it. I then painted it black.

Step 4: The Body

I took the caps off some Arizona iced tea bottle, and glued them onto the bottle. I bought a for sale sign and cut out the part where you write the price. I spray painted the milk containers a muddy red, the sign silver, the caps of the Arizona bottles (one red, one black). I took the sign and curved it around the milk containers and made it the right shape, I glut it on both halves. I took some pipe thing and glued it to the top and bottom of the sign. I left the front open and took another piece of the sign and painted the same color of the milk containers. I glued the handle into the milk cap.

Step 5: Pull Cord, Blade, and More!

My ear buds broke two days before this build, so I used it as the on/off switch. I took a flat metal... thing. and bent it into the shape of the handle. I took a piece of twine, and a wooden dowel about 3inches ling. I drilled a hole through the dowel, and pulled the twine through and tied it into knot. I pulled it through the sink drain on the milk container.

Step 6: You Can't Have a Chainsaw Without the Blade!

I took two pieces of poster board and cut them into the shape of a blade. I glued the left over pieces I used for the handle onto one and the other piece of poster board onto the other. I sanded them so that they looked like one. I bought a chain and spray painted it black. I wrapped it the blade and glued it on. Remember that cupcake container from Step 2? it wasn't for nothing! Make sure the blade fits in the container. I glued it onto the milk container. I took the cupcake container and glued it over the blade.

Step 7: Almost Done!

To fill in the place where the handle used to be, I took a cabinet handle and a bottle cap. Spray paint them black, and pop a hole where the handle used to be and glued the handle in it.

Step 8: Final Steps!

The next thing I did was take a 3 inch PVC pipe and cut it the length of my wrist to about half way up my forearm. I then traced the pipe in the back of the body and cut a hole in it. I made sure the pipe fit, and then I spray painted it black. I glued It in the hole and I looked great. I took the handle I made earlier and glued it onto the the top of the body, and a little of it on the PVC pipe.

Step 9: Groovy

It is all done. I hope you like this instructable! If you have any suggestions on how I could make it better, comment below. If you want to see more replicas, follow me. This build was made for under $20. Now I think I might make the Necronomicon. More Builds to Come!



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    Nice! Im glad mine looked accurate! I know the handles off a bit, when I glued it in I didn't put anything up to hold it in place. So, it leaned out. I couldn't undo it unless I ripped the whole thing out. Yours Looks great!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great job. I made one out of an old chainsaw, but that sucker was heavy! This looks much more practical. Can't wait to see the Necronomicon.

    1 reply