Evil KFC Bucket of Goodness

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Since a lot of people celebrate holidays by combining them together, here is a way to do April Fools with Halloween. This is a non-gory prank that is easy to do. Certainly, a way to scare trick-or-treat guests all year round. This should also be fun at Superbowl parties or big gatherings.

This is a Halloween hack that takes minimal preparation but is so easy to do. This is a tribute to the Evil GorillazMiko who should have thought of it with all that well-deserved time off. Maybe someone pulled this prank on Russell Simmons which caused him to swear off this delectable delight.

Disclaimer: KFC is a registered brand trademark backed by big corporations which do not acknowledge, condone or represent the opinions or actions expressed in this ible.

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Step 1: Would You Like Fries With That?

You will need to order a big ole bucket of chicken.
Any fine dining establishment will do, as long as the product is served out of a paper bucket.

You will need an oven mitt. Get one that you can cut up. Do not use mom's or you will be forever banished to your room.

Step 2: Slice and Dice

Figure out how you normally hold the bucket with the oven mitt.

You can do a side or top hold but the easiest is with the oven mitt under the bucket.

Place the bucket down over the mitt.

Cut a slit where your hand would pop out of the oven mitt. The cut should be small enough to be covered by the bucket. It is best to make the hole just big enough for your hand to squeeze through.

Step 3: Bottoms Up

Turn the bucket over.

Outline a hole that will be as big as a clenched fist.

Cut the hole out with a utility knife or just poke a starting hole with a pair of scissors and cut around.

Discard the cut out piece of cardboard.

Step 4: Get It Together

Stuff the front of the oven mitt with paper towels, tissues, etc. to fill out the thumb and finger parts of the oven mitt.

Stick your hand through the hole.

You may need to keep your index finger in the oven mitt to support the oven mitt under the bucket while the rest of the fingers go through, kinda like a baseball glove.

Place the bucket on top of the oven mitt and place your hand through the hole in the bucket.

Step 5: Ready to Serve

Place the Original greasy contents back into bucket, Extra Crispy if that's what you got.

To do this "trick":

Walk into the crowded room holding the bucket of chicken.

Pull out a piece of chicken and exclaim "Dibs on the leg" or something. And say "Who wants the last piece?"

Holding the bucket tilted slightly away from the intended victim or whoever is hungry so that they cannot see inside, let them reach in deep to get the last piece of chicken.

When they reach in, grab their hand and listen to them try to break away and scream.

It may help to add a bit of fake fur fabric or real fur to the bottom of the bucket if you have it. That adds to the wonder of what kind of animal was in there.

Have fun! Muhahhahahahahahhahah!!!!!!!

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    Here's an idea: Fry up a couple of Kentucky Fried WTF but without the stick and pop that in the bucket with some chips and crispy chicken strips.


    Homemade, of course, but if you are trying to boost up your intake of fat and sodium, KFC and Popeye's probably rates pretty high. I prefer the Extra Krispy but you gotta have that spicy Popeye's every once in a while. Did you crack the secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices to make a KFC ible? Your White Castle burgers would balance out the fast food diet.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    awesome, sounds like im going to kfc tomorrow. i don't have enough fat in my diet. nahhhhhhh... not really.


    Mrs. dash lemon pepper, paprika, garlic salt, flour. Tie a string around the chicken kinda tight drop it in the flour and seasonings and suspend the chicken in the deep fryer for a few minutes. :-)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hehehe cool!!! You should try to get that bucket or any bucket, make the 90's design (Buckethead's), and put it on the bucket! I would love that! +5/5 stars.