Evil Zhu Zhu Pet

Introduction: Evil Zhu Zhu Pet

My Kids have an assortment of toys and more often than not they end up broken. Most just get tossed out and some I fix. This needed more. More Evil....

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Step 1: Remove Wheels

Single screw holds the wheel assembly in place. Remove the one screw and pull up with either your fingernail or a screwdriver at the back end where the screw is.

Step 2: Remove the Skin

Peel the skin off the pet from underneath. It looks like it was put on with a little hot glue around the edges. Remove as much of this as you can.
I left the skin attached at the nose as it was stuck pretty good.

Step 3: Remove the Innards.

Remove screws from innards. Once removed grab center of battery holder and pull. Can be quite stuck so pull hard.
Then remove the 2 screws towards the back of the Zhu Zhu leaving the front one in place. Pull slightly apart so you can remove the speaker and retention bar. Should have all parts removed.

Step 4: Wiring LEDs

locate these 2 solder points for the motor.
Shorten the leads on the LEDs and solder short wires to them.
Solder the LEDs to these contacts and test with batteries. This should make the LEDs light up whenever the Zhu Zhu pet moves.

Step 5:

Existing eyes had small plastic grommets to hold them in place. I reused the grommets to hold the LEDs.
They were then glued in place with some crazy glue.
Make sure to bend the leads on the LEDs back close to the shell so there is plenty of room for the innards. Also make sure the area for the buttons are clear.
Then skin slipped back onto the shell. Some hot glue can be used to reattached the skin if wanted.

Step 6:

Stick your wheels back in and you are ready to go.

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