Extended Gaucho Knot



This knot makes a fine zipper pull or key ring fob. It is an expansion of the 2 strand gaucho knot.


You will need a pencil or dowel to help shape the knot. To make the bottom gaucho I wrapped the two strands around the pencil three times and followed the same general over under sequence for each strand as outlined in the instructable. You can continue in tihs manner to make the gaucho as long as desired

Step 1:

Fold cord in half and secure it to pencil with rubber band. wrap both strands around pencil two times,

Step 2:

Bring lower end under one. over one , under one and over.

Step 3:

Bring other end under, over, under and over

Step 4:

Bring that same end under first end and continue . . . . .

Step 5:

over, under, and over.

Step 6:

Bring other end over two and under one.

Step 7:

Continue over one, under one and over

Step 8:

Bring lower end under two and continue over two and under two.

Step 9:

Bring remaining end under two, then over two and under two

Step 10:

Remove knot from pencil. Take either end and thread it from left to right through center of knot.

Step 11:

Do the same with remaining end.and tighten.



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