External Battery for Whites Spectrum Metal Detector




Introduction: External Battery for Whites Spectrum Metal Detector

I found a box of these rechargeable Ni-Cad lantern batteries for a pittance in a thrift shop, both 4.8 4000mAh and 6 volts 1800mAh. My beloved Spectrum detector having battery problems, I thought of using them instead the originals (non rechargeable). First I changed their plug to a 5.5.mm male that I had.

Step 1:

Next I drilled a 8mm. hole next the ear phone socket. Soldering cables to the socket, (I made the center plus)

I positioned it to the case.

Step 2:

Solder the cables underside of the circuit board, taking care to the cables, the plus (+) (the center) of the socket goes to the plus (+) leg of the battery prong, and the negative (--) goes to the negative prong. Naturally.

Step 3:

Next I made a charging adapter for my IMAX ( or anything you use) using same size socket that I used for power input. Fully charged (Automatically) gives me 6.4 Volts. Perfect for my detector.

Step 4:

Two strips cut from a bicycle tube holds the battery securely on the box.

Anyone can increase the current (for longevity) by connecting these batteries in parallel, or increasing the length of the cable and make them hip mount.

Now I got 4 fully charged batteries for the weekend fun to come.

Hope someone will find it worthwhile.


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    I'll be counting on your good wish :)