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For this video, we got inspired by other youtube videos, in which youtubers constructed various spinners and each of it had its own particularities and characteristics. Therefore, the team of ‘make it extreme’ decided to make its own spinner and make our own experiments on that.

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Step 1: Start

Firstly, we cut a whole piece of a metallic axis and using a lathe we turned its shape into conical. This piece consists the point of connection between the spinner and the ground. Then, we put a flywheel that was taken by an old fitness machine on this conical, metallic piece. The flywheel moves without being affected by the piece that touches the ground. The total weight of our construction is 38kg which is considered as excessively heavy for a spinner.

Step 2: How Works

Moreover, on the flywheel we put many metallic angles creating a winged perimeter. Also, using the power of air that blows on the angles that were placed there, urge the flywheel to spin. Thus, using a sufficient power of air, our whirligig can be span in a great speed as a result it is inert and balanced enough preventing to be dropped on the ground. Therefore, as long as the whirligig spins it keeps its balance, too

Step 3: Test

Finally, to get experimented with it, we also placed two pedals above the whirligig in order to be able to balance ourselves on it being ensure that it is inert to be dislocated during its spinning. Our conclusion is that we need a much heavier whirligig which can be span in a much greater speed as we managed to keep our balance for just a few seconds on our spinner.

Step 4: Video

To sum up, although as it seems a not so useful project, it was interesting and we spent a pleasant time making it!



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I suggest that you use a power washer due to the water having more mass to increase the spinning or having a small water stream in front of the air to again increase the mass.


    2 years ago

    The funny part is to consider how hard it was to make it, how hard is to play it, how heavy it is for transportation ..... and for what? Just for fun, I guess?

    1 reply