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Introduction: Eye Candy

TR18 for the latest mods go here https://www.instructables.com/id/Trifle/
SRv2 with mods
surgical tubing used on the SRv2
purchase tubing at http://www.reefscuba.com/surgical_tubing.htm
3/16" 3/16" OD 1/16" ID 1/16" Wall Amber RS187062-RA10 10' thru 30' $8.00/10 ft
assault pistol w/ removable mag
cool but not any good



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    just wondering, but how is the removable mag on that gun removable? won't that yello connector push the bullets out before loaded into the gun?

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    do u c the 4 white rods on the top of the mag? the inside 2 white rods r held in place by the blue rods pushing up on them push down on the blue rods w/ ur finger and the white rods fall out and then the blue rods r released look at the slide show again ull c

    i don't have any instructions up sry and i can't remember the last time the gun was built so the only pics r the ones posted here : ( but um the gun wasn't anything to really go crazy about anyway so ur not really missing out! i have brand new mods for the TR18 that i will post up today or tomorrow so keep a good look out for em

    thanks man my SRv1 was cool but my SRv2 was crazy reliable and consistently amazing better mech and stronger body etc...

    well killerk, if you have an upcoming war... i would be more than happy to come, but there's just one small problem........ we're apart  from each other. I live in Alabama, you live in Michigan....... there's a difference and i have no way to get  to Michigan unless i took a flight  there, and that takes money, alot of money. However i never told you this, but i was fooling around with your sr-v2  until i found out something BIG about your rifle. You  might think i'm sh*tt*ng you but i'm serious........ as a heart attack!! Anyway i was messing around with your gun and i found out this isn't no ordinary weapon. this slingshot can do what no ram can, i was trying to see if i couldn't nail any more than 600 ft. so i used a red and break away fins with a point and i wound up hitting 850yds. which is over 2,000 feet. The bullet went from my house into someone's back yard in another neighborhood. i lost the bullet, but in return i got an insanely lethal range...... i made the gun so powerful, it can actually KILL on impact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hmm... Maybe if you had a mile-long sling, with a massive bow at the end, then put a super-strong bungee cord on it, then use a steel trigger mech and steel bullet, then maybe, just maybe, it could be possible...


    lolz! hey, do you want to get started on our collaboration soon? (if youve got nothing built)


    I mean, I've got nothing else to do lol. And it's half term where I am, so I got plenty of time.

    What was the plan again?

    A turret gun with a grenade launcher? And a retractable stock perhaps?

    If so, here is what I would think:

    We make a prototype then we advance from there, and in the end, whoever comes up with the final, working product, gets to post it?

    cool! ive got mid term too! i just want to post my p90 first so after i will do it asap...