FEEDUINO ® LiKe 'n' Feed a Stray Dog

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Intro: FEEDUINO ® LiKe 'n' Feed a Stray Dog

Thousands of stray dogs are starving every day! Millions of people do not know how to help! Feeduino is exactly what it says. Like your favorite facebook page and donate clean, fresh, delicious food to an NGO for stray dogs as we did in in cooperation with "The Cube Athens" for "KAZ Shelter For Stray Animals" in Athens!
Target is to get thousands of facebook page likes (1 Like = 1 gr of food) to collect as much dog food from petshops-donations.

Step 1: What You Need

  • 1 pet feeder
  • 1 Arduino Yun
  • 2 servos
  • 1 breadboard
  • 1-2 strawberry gum
  • 10-12 jumper wire
  • dog food
  • 1 facebook account
  • 3-4 cable ties
  • 1 wooden or plastic round base (drill a hole in the center)
  • love for pets and hope for a better world

Step 2: Pet Feeder Prep - Mount Servos and Lid

Step 3: Fill the Feeder

Step 4: It Works!

Every time fb fans click like button on a specific facebook page the two servos are activated and a quantity of food is released! An innovative way to get more facebook fan page likes and to support an NGO.

Step 5: We Like Feeduino, But... Do Dogs Like the Food?

Let your laptop at home, as you may power Arduino from batteries. Configure your Yun to a wifi from your smartphone using Yun's IP adrress, and call-to-action your facebook audience :)

And, if (dogs-like-the-food) that's pretty good!



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