FREE Paracord Bracelet + DIY Instructions

Introduction: FREE Paracord Bracelet + DIY Instructions



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    cool video I was corpsman forgot the knot for making them and it would be cool to win one you make it look easy. I never could get the monkeyfist tight lol.

    Could you do one for Congenital Heart Disease Both me and my 17 year old son are surviviors -- He recently had his last heart surgery this December and is recovering !! Thank u These are awesome

    Great video. Paracord Bracelets come in handy in many different situations. It is part of your Bug Out Bag.
    Here's how you can get one for free. You'll only pay a small shipping and handling fee of $4.95!

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    Awesome bracelet bro!I`m gonna make few of these for my team.
    Is there any way to secure it without the shackle thingy?

    I'm new to this whole paracord thing, but it's interesting and I can't wait to try to make my first one... thanks for the video, it was extremely helpful!!!!

    Thanks for this video. I'm making matching survival bracelets for my airsoft team (Zombie Extermination Response Operators-Z.E.R.O.) Cheers!!

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    Have you made a belt like this? Using plastic stap closure would allow you to get several one that is useable and include several hundred feet of cord, which seems like it would be ideal in a survival situation.

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    I'd like to see a video on how to make one of those paracord bracelets/belts/whatever that have a central core you can pull out, so that when you need the cord for something it's easily retrieved rather than having to unknot the entire thing. (This is what I'm talking about -- the video is an ad, but I'd prefer to make my own:

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    I have been planing on making a video about that when i get a chance i will make another video showing how to make a quick knot release paracord project i just can't decide if i want to do it on a bracelet/watch/belt/gunsling.....

    I think a belt would be cool -- the process should be the same for all of them, but you've already done a bracelet (and soon to do a watch), and a gun sling would be somewhat difficult to pull the core out of due to the fixtures on each end.

    hey as a fellow paracord weaver you should make it 4 strand ...... insted of weaving when you get to the pin run the cord back to the shackle around the out side of the holding loop and then start weaving ... this will make it easier to run the pin throught the cord and it will look nicer.........try

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