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Have a cluttered craft space or an assortment of mismatch containers just lying around waiting for a use? I always have both of these problems. I am such a packrat sometimes and I save every jar until I end up with a huge assortment stuffed under my kitchen sink. Quinn was always asking me what I planned on doing with them all since I was running out of space to squirrel them away. I finally decided it was time to put some of them to use. I use to always buy containers to put my endlessly growing craft supplies in and then DING like a lightbulb I thought, hmmm why don’t I just make a bunch of matching containers to put my little odds and ends in so my craft space will match and I can save some money!

This little project has worked like a charm for my hoarding and storage issues. It even helps me use up left over fabric because you know I just can’t throw those pretty little scraps away either. As a bonus if you ever want to wow someone with a uniquely wrapped gift package they can keep for their own storage needs they will always remember your thoughtfulness when they open it up to grab something out of it.

Step 1: Pick Out Some Old Tins to Repurpose!

Step 2: Take the Lid Off and Trace a Circle Onto Some Fabric

Step 3: Add a Flower, or Maybe a Button ;]

Step 4: Slather on a Layer of White Paint

Step 5: Measure the Right Amount of Fabric to Wrap Around the Canister

Step 6: Paint on a Thin Coat of Mod Podge

Step 7: Smooth on the Fabric

Step 8: Get Some Cute Little Boxes to Repurpose!

Step 9: Paint the Edges With Your Favorite Color

Step 10: Paint the Bottom Edges of the Box With Gold, or Silver If You Prefer =p

Step 11: Trace Around the Lid for the Fabric to Attach on Top and Glue It on With Some More Mod Podge

Step 12: Tape Off Some Shapes, I Went With Some Simple Stripes

Step 13: After the Paint Is Dry Peel Off the Tape and Tada!

I hope this was helpful in creating something cute out of some old boxes and tins. =D



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