Fabric Fortune Cookies




Introduction: Fabric Fortune Cookies

These can be made as party favors with a theme, for example, a bridal or baby shower. I had watched a show on HGTV where a woman made a quilted fortune cookie about a yard in diameter. When we heard we were getting laid off from our jobs at the call center we decided to have one last potluck lunch. I wanted to have something to give out and I thought about the fortune cookie but had to get them much smaller to make enough to give everyone in our section. Then I remembered making fabric flowers with fabric and bonding. I used that technique to make the smaller fabric fortune cookies and put a Bible verse in each one since some of us might not ever see each other again.

Step 1: Materials

Materials for one 5" cookie:

Fabric - two pieces at least 6" square and small bits for decoration.

Heat-n-Bond (or Steam-a-Seam) - enough for the 5" circle and a small bit for added bits of fabric and words.

Ink jet fabric to print writing on (or rubber stamp or fabric pen, etc. to write on piece of fabric) to put on inside of cookie.

Step 2: Step One

Follow manufacturer's instructions to bond the two pieces of fabric together, right sides out. Cut out circle.

Step 3: Step Two

Bond bits of different colored fabric on each side as desired for decoration.

Step 4: Step Three

Prepare written phrase and/or picture as desired. Print onto inkjet fabric. Back printed fabric with bonding then cut and bond to inside of cookie.

Step 5: Step Four

While warm (or reheat) fold into the shape of a fortune cookie and hold or pin until cool.

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