Fabric Poppy Flowers




These are super easy fabric poppy flowers.

Step 1: Material

- Polyester Fabric

- Wire

- Glue ( diluted in water)

- Crepe paper (Green)

- Cotton

- White thread

- Wooden beads

- Green sticky tape

Step 2:

Take the polyester fabric of your favorite colour. Add some water to the glue, so that it can be easily spread over the fabric.

With the help of cotton, spread the diluted glue on the fabric and let it dry.

I decided to make a small square, shown in pic.3

Step 3:

Mark and cut circles of desired diameter on the dried fabric.

I choose the inner diameter.

Step 4:

Cut few circles from the green crepe paper and with the help of the scissors, cut the edges of the circle like in 2nd picture.

Make a tiny hole at the center of both, the fabric circle and crepe paper circle.

Step 5:

Take tiny wooden beads.

Insert the wire through it as shown.

Twist the wire to secure the bead, shown in pic.3

I made 5 of such beads.

Step 6:

Stick the green paper tape around the wire

Step 7:

Insert the fabric and crepe paper circles into the beaded wire.

The bead will make the pollen. The fabric will make the petals and the outer green circle is for calyx.

Step 8:

Take a long piece of thick wire. Wrap some cotton around it to make it smooth.

Secure the cotton with white thread.

Wrap a fabric circle around the cotton bud. It will make a bud on the flower twig.

Step 9:

Wrap the green sticky tape around the main wire. (wire with a bud on top)

Insert the flowers in between, with appropriate distance and continue wrapping the green sticky tape around.

Step 10:

Cut out some leaves from the crepe paper and stick them around the long wire.

Step 11:


Step 12:



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