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About: Hi I'm Wyatt I love making films and special fx oh and usually monsters

Today I will show you how I made my face hugger phone case if you are not aware of what a face hugger is than il tell you a face hugger is a parasite from the ALIEN franchise what it does is it jumps on a victims face and lays eggs in the victims chest than after weeks the regs hatch and the baby alien bursts out of the victims chest

Step 1: Sculpture

Get a cheap case fits what ever phone you have sculpt a face hugger on it be shure not to cover important items like the on button or the volume

Step 2: The Mould

If you haven't noticed the majority of my tutorials use plaster of Paris moulds any way get a plastic container and fill it with plaster of Paris than lay your case in the plaster than wait for it to dry (mine took 20 munets )

Step 3: The Case It's Self

Get the rubber u desire for your case but I just used liquid latex for mine (which is not shock absorbent) so I put the case I sculpted it on in the latex case

Step 4: Paint

I panted every thing black than added tan to the black that was on the face hugger than waited for it to dry a lil than wet a rag and wiped most NOT ALL paint off the face hugger but keep every thing els black

Step 5: Have Fun Showing Off!!

Most people will think you bought it which was my main problem hahaha



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    5 years ago

    Ha ha thanks


    5 years ago

    Are sorry


    5 years ago

    If u ate using liquid latex like I did that is not a problem just leave the face hugger hollow

    Thanks for sharing! I like it, especially the part where you can make as many as you need in case one gets damaged. My only problem with this would probably not fit into my pocket...