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I created this for a Fallout fan. The Vault Boy Led Light.

It's made out of acrylic glass and a wooden base with green Led's.

Step 1: The Laser Cut Parts

First I created the Vault Boy in Inkscape. I used 3 mm cast Acrylic glass to laser the Vault Boy

In Qcad and Inkscape I created the base, It's made out of 4 mm plywood. and then glued together. In one of the parts, 4 nuts are inserted. They are used to screw the cover on it.

The 2 files are attached here. I'm working with Qcad and Inkscape

Step 2: Mounting All Together

Here are the 4mm plywood laser cuts

Starting with part 1. Use four 20mm M3 Screws like on the picture. Wood glue on the part and then place part 2 on it.

Again use wood glue and then part 4. Here use three M3 nuts and screw all together. And again use glue on part 3 and 5.

Use a clamp to hold all together.

After the glue is dry, glue part 6 on it and use a weight to press all down.

Now screw the bottom part 7 on it, and sand it with sandpaper.

Step 3: The Color Job

Painting the base with blue acrylic color mixed with water. After drying use bronze acrylic and tap on the corners of the base to give it a metallic look. Let it dry.

Now use a black acrylic color with a lot of water and paint it on the base, wait a few minutes and tap with kitchen paper on it to remove it from the surface. Now you have a nice washing effect.

Again let it dry.

Now paint two layers of acrylic varnish on it and sand it again. To finish pass a last layer of varnish on it.

Step 4: The Electronic

For the electronic I use my self developed PCB's.

Parts used:

  • 4 Resistors 220R
  • 4 LED's 3mm green4
  • 1 Micro USB breakout board
  • 1 Micro switch
  • 1 laser cut switch cap

A breadboard can be used to replace my PCB board

The Program I use is DipTrace

Now screw the bottom (part 7) with four 16mm M3 screws on the base and finished.

Step 5: The Result

And here the finished item and NO, it's not 3 meter high, but the room is a miniature I'm working on :)

I hope you enjoyed my instructable.



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    17 days ago

    Thanks! I made one and it turned out great :-) I just replaced the bottom stand with a 3D printed one.

    1 reply

    Reply 17 days ago

    Yes, looks great. I'm happy that you loved this design :). Greetings from Luxemburg


    3 months ago

    Ahhhhhh! I love it! Makes me want to try the Vault-Tec logo this way :)


    3 months ago

    Hey! Fellow Fallout DIY-er! :)

    I'm rooting for you in the competition! Good luck, wastelander!


    Question 3 months ago on Introduction

    hi how much would one be cuz i a fallout fan as well? or can u do a playboy or a hunger games


    3 months ago on Step 5

    Brilliant- if only I had a laser cutter !


    3 months ago

    I'm a big Fallout fan and this looks excellent. Nice one Alain.