Wind Muff DIY - Camera Mic (dead Cat) DSLR Mod




Introduction: Wind Muff DIY - Camera Mic (dead Cat) DSLR Mod

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If you've ever recorded video outside on a breezy day, you've probably experienced the wind 'cutting' your audio when you playback your recording. Well, we're going to fix that problem once and for all!  Personally, I think this is one of the easiest and most useful modifications you can do for your camera!

This modification can be customized to fit just about any camera/mic!!   Let's get to it!

What you'll need:
  • Old furry stuffed animal
  • Scissors
  • Velcro strips and/or Sticky-tack
  • Hole Punch (large crafters hole punch preferred)

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Step 1: Attach With Velcro

There are two ways you can attach your wind muff.  The first way is by using a 'velcro strip,  I used a brand called "lock and place" that can be removed later.  You could choose a permanent version, but whichever brand you choose, what you'll want to do is take a hole punch and punch a hole through both sides of your strip.

I used a crafting hole puncher because it punched slightly larger hole diameter.

Basically we are punching a hole in each side of the velcro to allow the mic on the camera to be exposed.  Once you have your holes setup, line up your velcro strip on your camera, cut to size and stick it on your camera!   Then, take a furry stuffed animal and cut a small section of fur and stick that to the other side of your top velcro piece. 
That's it!   Your Mic wind Muff is complete!

Things to keep in mind, you want to make sure that you don't cover your mic with the velcro and you want to make sure that the fur material you choose has enough ventilation to allow the mic to pick up the sound. Thick material will muffle the audio.

Step 2: Velco Installation Video + Test Film

Step 3: Another Way to Attach! (DSLR)

Now some cameras may have large mic holes are stereo mics that cover large parts of the camera.  So here's another way to apply your wind muff that is even EASIER!..and cheaper.

Take some sticky tack, and roll it into a strip.  Connection the strip making a thick ring of sticky. :)  Place the ring of sticky around your mic area (leaving room to you don't cover any of the mic holes).   And the same as the other application, cut your furry stuffed animal to size and apply it to the sticky tack, and you're done!!

Carry some extra sticky tack and fur in your camera bag, and apply it to your camera whenever your outside shooting!  
Fast and Easy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Lol- camera bling!
    Nice idea btw- Might try it once i get my new camera.
    I can just Imagine it....
    "Whats that on your camera?"
    "Well, my camera gets really cold so I made it a little scarf"