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Introduction: Faux Enamel Pins

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This is a quick and inexpensive way to make faux enamel lapel pins. I'm obsessed with lapel pins but they're really expensive to produce and after learning about the process to make real ones, it seems like making them at home is not necessarily possible. This Instructable shows one way to make faux enamel lapel pins using Ranger Enamel Accents.

Step 1: BoM

Metal blanks

Metal snips

Emory board/buffer/sandpaper

Jewelry/metal glue

Pin backs

Ranger Enamel Accents

Graphite paper (for tracing design onto metal, optional)

Toothpicks, thin pins (for detailing)

Step 2: Trace & Transfer

Practice drawing your hat on paper (or print from the internet) and when you're ready, transfer your design to your metal blank.

Step 3: Snip & Buff

Using scissors meant for cutting metal, carefully cut out your hat. Use an emory board or nail buffer to buff the edges so you don't cut yourself. Lightly sand the front side of your hat (for better adhesion).

If you're using precut metal blanks, you can probably skip this step.

Step 4: Color & Dry

Rangers Enamel Accents creates an enamel look without all the fuss. I like to add enamel around the edges with a toothpick just to give an added layer of protection.

If you're doing multiple colors, such as a main design in one color and a background color, I suggest doing the main design first and letting it dry. Carefully add the background color around the main design.

If you're just adding in shading, don't wait until the design is dry. Use a toothpick or thin pin to add your details.

Step 5: Backing

When the front of your hat is dried, turn it over and glue your pin backing to the hat. Let dry fully before wearing. Use pliers or gloves when working with the glue.

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