Felt Deadpool Emoji

About: When I started my hobby I started on my first diy and sold it to someone which i do not wanna speak about.

Welcome to my first tutorial on this site and I hope this DIY is helpful and also don't forget to suggest the next project and i can see what I can do.

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Step 1: Print and Download the Pattern on the Top

Once you click the photo of step 1 and download it and then print it on choice of paper. With that logic you have to cut the felt or fabric to it and then we move on to step 2.

Step 2: Glue All Pieces Together

One you cut all the pieces together, Now all you have to do is glue, glue, glue, GLUE the pieces until you have the final product.

Step 3: All Done

Now that you finished now you can show it to friends or sell it for money. Wash it in a bucket of water full of soap and then let it dry and then you are finished. TA DA!

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    11 months ago

    That's a great looking Deadpool!