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Introduction: Fidget Spinner Glowing in the Dark

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Hi! This is project How-todo and today I'm going to show you how I making very popular fidget toy called spinner. People are making it from any materials wood, metal, plastic, anything, because spinner is pretty simple thing, basically it's just design with central bearing and some weigh in the corners.

Step 1: Model

I print my spinners on 3d printer, you can find literally thousands of models of spinners on thingiverse any shapes, any sizes, but I made my own, because it's pretty simple and I get some practice in 3d modeling, I'm printing it with glowing in the dark blue PLA filament, think it's making this toy more interesting.

Step 2: Bearings

Next is bearings the most popular that people usually using called 608 there are also couple options, cheapest 608 bearings completely made of steel, I recommend to use them only for corners, for central bearing better to use ceramic one, as you see there are ceramic balls and steel sleeve, with this bearing spinner will spin much longer, also you can find fully ceramic bearing, I never tried them but probably they are even better.

Very important moment, before pressing bearings clean it of oil with gasoline or different solvent, that sound weird but will increase the rotation time several times.

Regular 608 bearings -

Ceramic 608 bearings -
Fully ceramic 608 bearings -

Step 3: Cleaning

My cheap 3d printer makes messy corners, so I have to clean it with file and knife, it takes some time but the result is worth it. Some people prefer when it's easy to change bearings in spinner, but I don't, I make it almost impossible to take bearing out without tools because I don't see the point of constantly changing it and don't want to accidentally lose bearing.

Step 4: Assembly

I using rubber mallet and piece of wood to press it, be careful PLA isn't very strong material to withstand hammer blows. Same way with those buttons.

Step 5: The End

Well made spinner could easily spin for 1 minute. So that's all I got for today hope you enjoy it, if interested in more videos with spinners write it in the comments, I could try to make it from exotic wood, or something else.

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    jason hamilotn
    jason hamilotn

    3 years ago

    could someone make one for me and i will tell you more info if you say yes.