Fire Ant Farm

Introduction: Fire Ant Farm

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Having and ant farm is a great educational experience for children. You and your child can now build one of your own.

Step 1: Ant Farm Base

     What concerns parents the most about owning an ant farm is the fact that if it breaks the ants are free within the household. To minimize the risk we are going to create a base fore our farm.

Tools:                                                                                                                   Supplies:

     Pencil                                                                                                                    Hard cardboard (I used 1/8 of an inch think)
     Razor                                                                                                                    Glass olive jar with lid about 2 inches in diameter
     Straight edge or Ruler                                                                                     
     Measuring tape (you will not need this if you are using a ruler)             
     Masking tape

Cut the cardboard into the following pieces (use the straight edge to guide the razor):

Quantity:                Size in inches:

     2                                3" x 3"
     2                                1" x 3"
     2                              1" x 2-3/4"

     Take one of the 3" x 3" pieces and tape the edges with masking tape. Using the jar and pencil to draw a circle. Cut out the circle with the razor. The tape will help keep the edges firm while you cut.

     Next we are going to make the walls of the base. Take the 1" x 3" pieces and tape them onto the 3'"x 3" with the hole cut out, place them opposite from each other. Take the two 1" x 2-3/4" and tape them in between the side to create the other two walls. After this, take the the second 3" x 3" piece and tape it at the bottom to create a box. The hole is the top part of the base.

     After the base is completed you may decorate it to fit your taste or have your kids do it. Do not place anything inside the base or the jar may not fit.

Step 2: The Jar

     Now its time to bug proof the jar.

Tools:                                                    Supplies:

     Scissors                                               Old sock
     Nail                                                        Rubber band
     Rubber gloves

     Take the lid off the jar and punch some holes into it using the nail and hammer. Go out side and find an ant hill. Dig up the dirt with the shovel and put some of it into the jar. Be sure to wear the gloves to protect you from the bites. Cut the toe of the sock and cover the lid with it. Wrap the rubber band around to sock to seal the jar from escaping ants. Once the ants are in do not shake the jar. Take the jar and place it into the base.

Step 3: How to Care for the Farm

     Now that you have your very own ant farm it is time to take care of it. When one first put in the farm it will look like a pile of dirt in a jar. After a couple of days one will see the tunnels start to form at the edge of the glass. Do not shake the jar.


     Eye dropper
     Bottle cap
     Small pieces of fruit

     Place the bottle cap inside the jar, using the eye dropper, place a few drops of water inside. Put the pieces of fruit on the dirt and leave it for about two days or until the ants stop eating from it. Every once in a while sprinkle water into the dirt to keep the top moist, do not pour water into the jar or you will drown the ants.

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