Firewood Rack

I had the need for another wood rack for my deck. I have two already, but last year I had some problems getting to the main pile in my back yard. I thought it would be a good idea to stack some more before the snow flies. The cost should be around $12.00 depending on the cost of 2x4x8s in your area.

(( Just a simple wood rack with dimensions ))

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Step 1: Tools

4)    2x4x8  (treated or paint)

4)   Steel straps

Small box of (2 ½”) deck screws, and some small screws for straps

Drill or driver ///  bit to predrill holes

Tape measure


Step 2: Cuts

Take two of the 2x4s and set them aside, they will not be cut at all. From the others cut a (9”) and a (12”) off each end this will leave you with a 75” that needs to be cut in half. See drawing.

Step 3:

Take the two uncut 8’ 2x4s and cap the ends with the 12” peaces, making a box. Put the 37 1/2”s in the box standing up right and cap off with the 9” peaces. The straps were placed as shown in the photos. Predrill for all screws.

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2 years ago

Very simple design and easy to make. Very sturdy and it works great. I had the lumber cut to size at the store so assembling was a piece of cake.


3 years ago

Adding the metal brackets to keep the uprights from leaning out is a nice touch. I've made similar items using plywood or 1x4 strips for bracing, but the metal brackets are much simpler and easier to attach too!


5 years ago

I am planning to make a rack for my parents new patio and fire pit; I really like the design only question is what type I wood works best...sturdy/long lasting ?


6 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the idea.  I just tweaked your design a little.  I used 10ft 2 x 4's, picked up a 5th one to use for the sides of the box, tops of the side rails, and for a extra insert inside the box at the 5 foot mark.  This allowed me to go with 5ft. side rails.  I used a slightly longer bracket too...I believe it was 12". 

Thanks again for the idea!!

2 replies

Looks good.I like the idea of putting it up on blocks, It would make it much easier to clean under with a blower. I may have to try that next year.


Yeah, I figured it would keep the water on the ground from soaking up into the base of the rack. I had 6 of those round pavers left from the old walkway to the house. I had it paved when I did the driveway...


7 years ago on Introduction

We needed additional wood storage this year, and after researching many different designs, we settled on this one for its simplicity. We got the straps (very cheap) and pressure-treated 2x4s, and made this rack in about 5 minutes, for a total cost of about $15. It is a perfect, simple design, with no lumber wasted whatsoever. Ours is already full of wood, and looks like it will hold up for years, and we plan to make a few more now!


9 years ago on Introduction

Yes. Great simple design. I'll make something like that myself.


Great design, dubious placement of the wood rack. 

While convenient to wander out to your deck and grab your firewood, termites might be a problem. Instead of putting the rack on your deck, it's recommended that your firewood be placed well away from the foundation of the house.
1 reply

Termites are not a problem here in Michigan. The wood only stays up on the deck for the winter, and refilled as needed. In the summer I stack it well off in the back yard.