Fish Frame for Taking Photographs of Live Micro-fish





Introduction: Fish Frame for Taking Photographs of Live Micro-fish

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My friend and I are on a quest to catch and eat every species of freshwater fish in New Hampshire, we are writing a book and have a website and blog; One of the problems with the quest is that we are catching a ton of small fish, minnows, dace, sculpins etc... and it is really hard to get a picture of the fish with it's fins showing, so I came up with this! Enjoy!

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together

Here's what you need"

2. 8x10 pieces of plexi-glass

6 to 8 one inch wing nuts, screws, and screw sets

1 2 foot section of 3/4 inch hose

Tools needed:


Bits to match your screw

screw driver


Total cost for materials should be under $10, if you already have the stuff it will be much cheaper.

Step 2: This Is Easy, Get to Work

I think the pictures speak for themselves, but for those of you who love words, here they are

Peel off the protective layer of plastic from the plexi-glass.

Now place the piece of hose in between the two pieces of plexi

Clamp them together and drill holes close to the hose, evenly spaced so it will hold tight.

Step 3: OK Time for the Big Finish

While everything is clamped together, install the screws, wingnuts and screw sets.

The reason for using wing nuts is so you can control how much pressure is on the hose, you do not want to break the plexi, but in the field you might want to fix a leak or something.

Well I am glad you've made it this far, so now it's time to cut the extra hose off and get to work...

Step 4: So Get Some Fish!

This is the hard part, go catch a small fish, stick it in the frame with some water and take some pictures!



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    46 Discussions

    Don't know why but the first photo reminds me of ack Nicholson in The Shining "WENDY - I'M HOME"

    1 reply

    This is crazy and were have you been for the last 39 years

    1 reply

    This is a great idea! When our kids were little, we were always netting fish and seining to look at stuff, and this would have been a great way to see things even better! Also love your website - good luck with The Quest!

    1 reply

    Interesting how this was posted in 2011... But simple and good design. I just hope you don't keep the fish in there for longer periods of time...

    1 reply

    Uhhh, no? This is not cruel. I'm sure the fish are only put in for just long enough to take a few pictures. Better than being held out of water where they can't breathe right. It would be cruel if this was used as a home for a fish, but that is clearly not what is happening. I wonder if people like you even read these things.

    Is it the fishing you find cruel or the photography? The hope for this is that this is a gentler way to photograph fish.

    Cool idea! I have never tried to photograph fish out of water before. This seems like a great method compared to chasing them with a camera while SCUBA diving. LOL ;-)

    Have a great day! :-)

    i like the idea of a small fish photo taking dealy (I enjoy fishing, but I've never really chased big trophy fish ), but I wonder if one could expand the idea with thicker hose for a fish tank (or sea monkeys, haha) . also, I would be interested to see some sort of pattern with the hose (like an ant farm or something). simple idea, but cool, well done :)

    This is a really cool idea - I bet loads of folks will find it valuable - this should be a featured item.

    1 reply