Fishing Rod Hanging Storage Rack




Introduction: Fishing Rod Hanging Storage Rack

I needed an economical way to get my fishing rods up off the floor. I saw this design elsewhere online and decided to try it. Mine is a bit different and more simple which equals more better! Only one cut for me and some basic measuring and you're done.
You can store 16 rods with this design.
You will need 2 2x4's whatever length you want and at least 16 J hooks for hanging pvc pipe. Buy the 10 pack contractor packs to save money. I used 2" because that's what the home center had.
Also need a tape measure
Some wood screws ( I used stinger style sheet rock screws because I have a bunch)
A Kreg pocket hole jig or another way to drill deep through the 4" side
A power drill
Some drill bits to match your screws

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Step 1: Decide on the Width of Your Rack

My rack is 48" wide. I cut an 8' interior 2x4 in half. It has 8 J-hooks on each board spaced 12" apart. There are 2 singles on each end and the rest are paired. I decided to mount them on the wide side of the board so I could get 2 screws in each J hook for a good strong mount and use pocket holes to get a usable mounting system to attach to the ceiling. If you don't have a Kreg pocket hole jig, you need one. I bought a cheaper branded set but it was pure junk. Kreg is well worth it.

Step 2: Drill Holes for Mounting

I used my pocket hole jig to drill mounting holes. I made more than I eventually used. I mounted the J hooks with stinger screws but any wood screw could be used.
Be sure to pre drill the holes for each end J hook to keep from splitting the board. Learned this the hard way. You can ore drill the others as well but that's why I like stinger screws...

Step 3: Mount to Your Ceiling

I used 1 1/2" pocket hole screws to mount to my garage ceiling, which ended up 48" apart. My super light rod just barely fits but it gets additional support by resting on the reel of another rod. As I said you can store up to 16 poles laid out this way. With a longer board or a tighter layout, you could get more hooks on it.

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    3 years ago

    That is a pretty nice set up. I'm looking at different set ups for myself and the family stash of rods and reels. I need room for 3 different sizes, 2 different styles and 3 different types. We really are only missing thumb casters and fly rods, lol