Fix Broken Vertical Blinds With Bread Clips




Hello Ladies and Gents,

This is my first Instructable ever, so I decided to start off with an easy household hack I came up with a long time ago.

I became fed up with finding my vertical blinds on the floor, instead of covering my sliding door. I picked up a blind, and noticed the clip attachment hole was torn open from the blind's movement. I called the landlord and she implicitly told me I would have to pay for the blinds to be replaced (She was a horrible landlord). I asked the repairman how I could fix these vertical blinds myself. He told me I would have to get new ones, and throw the broken ones away. Throw away entire vertical blind with all that plastic because the clip attachment hole was broken.

I had no drills or fancy tools at the time to fix the clip attachment hole. I only had trash, glue, and scissors as my material for all my projects. This project was no different, and the solution came easy.

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Step 1: Amazing Bread Clips

One morning while eating breakfast, I grabbed the bag of bread and brought it to the dining table. As I opened the bread bag, the bread clip fell on a chair where my family would put all the broken vertical blinds. Then I realized how similar and rigid the plastic bread clip was next to the plastic of the vertical blinds. Then I began on my fix.

To fix the blind:

  1. I placed the bread clip on the blind
  2. Cut the top of the clip so the hole can align with the broken clip of the blind.
  3. Then I glued it in place with crazy glue
  4. Finally I placed the clip back to cure into position

All steps shown in the pictures above.


Clip the vertical blind back into place and BOOM. You don't have to call your manager, or buy new blinds. Follow these instructions, and you can rest easy knowing your vertical blinds are repaired with no extra money.

Please let me know if there is anything I can change on my Instructable to make my future Instructables better.

Thank you.

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1 year ago on Step 2

Thank you so much! My vertical blinds are a little different to the ones pictured so I had to tweak the method a little and relied heavily on tape but the bread clip was the foundation and just what I needed! Thank you for sharing your idea. I can get dressed on both sides of my bedroom now!


1 year ago

I tried many things, like paperclips, works for a short time. I keep all the bread clips. Thanks, for showing how to do this. The owners don't like blinds in apt. building, they break, tenants throw them away. I have blinds in the living room, would like to have them to shut not to be open. I'm always looking to save money! Have a Great day!


3 years ago

Thanks, I actually frequently use them to mark wires for troubleshooting electrical wiring on Boats and Cars. now I have another use.

I despise vertical blinds almost more that the cheap tan carpet in my place. had two break and attack me in my bed. I also end for end them and use a hole punch to repair them if they are not to brittle.


4 years ago on Introduction

You are a genius! This tactic worked on my broken blind. Thanks, you made my day. I thought of having to buy new blinds but instead, I bought a loaf of bread. Thanks, again.


4 years ago on Introduction

Great idea! I was thinking that you could even just apply a little paint to match the blinds so that no one would even notice that it was a 'fix' at all. Great job!

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I didn't even think about hiding the bread clips, because they were always a great conversation starter when people saw them there holding up the blinds. lol. But when I get tired of them, I am sure there is a great white paint for the clip. Thank you for the suggestion and the comment.

Oh man this is awesome! Those breadclips keep proving useful, it's very interesting for something I've thrown out so many times. Thanks for sharing!

1 reply