Fix an Unresponsive Touch Screen (last Resort Method)

Introduction: Fix an Unresponsive Touch Screen (last Resort Method)

Is your touchscreen afraid to feel? Let's teach that Screen it to love again with FIRE and pure insanity!

Please dear reader, I beg your forgiveness on my awful spelling and grammar, I'm writing this "guide" on a tablet ; also my writing skills leave a lot to be desired.

(I never passed 2nd grade)

just kidding...

Or am i?


This is dangerous to your equipment, and possibly dangerous to yourself. This WILL void your warranty, and isn't the smartest idea. I suggest you buy a new screen, and only follow this guide in an extremely drunken/desperate state; and only if this device means nothing to you, continue at your own RISK

Step 2: Scenario/tools/info

Welcome to my very first Instructable!!So, I randomly wanted to buy a digital camcorder, and decided to take the risk of buying it used off Craigslist. In addition, I stupidly neglected to research the camera beyond the basic features list on Amazon. I met up with a middle-aged woman who sold me her Sony DCR-hc32, she explained that she had no idea how to use the camcorder and decided to sell it off. It powered on, and somehow I decided that was enough. Three days later I finally located and bought a mini-DV tape, I was all set to film! I was pretty excited/relieved to see it was able to record, but I couldn't find the rewind button... In fact any playback was seemingly missing, I panicked thinking perhaps I was losing my mind. Then, after several minutes of looking I consulted the internet only to find dreadful news. 90% of these options were only available via the touchscreen, which I found wasn't responding AT ALL to touch. So here I was with a cool night vision device, and the words "SUCKER" etched across my forehead. I spent days looking for a fix that wouldn't require me ordering anything online (my credit card was stolen, and perhaps a tad bit paranoid).

Touch screen hardware:This method to my knowledge can only be used on RESISTIVE TOUCHSCREEN. So if your touch screen requires a desperate repair measure I'd suggest identifying the type of touch screenshots it has. Typically smartphones and tablets utilize CAPACITIVE TOUCHSCREEN , a quick test to determine the hardware is based on how the screen reacts to touch. When the device was new did it respond to any touch(Gloves,finger nail, pencil tip,roofing nail,anything pointy*don't poke your screen with listed items). or did the screen only recognize your fingertip and a special stylus? The former would most likely indicate a resistive touchscreen (respond to pressure). The ladder would be a Capacitive touchscreen(require conductive material). If your not sure Google your device




clearly you need to disassemble the device. So the tools depend on the device. in this case I needed only a Phillips SCREW DRIVER to open my handyman. I consulted a disassembly guide... Then I got annoyed by the narrator's voice and cracked it open like a caveman.(YouTubes how-to content is generally narrated by monotone people, and they tend to sound as if they have several jollyranchers stored their mouth while filming. Causing them to salivate uncontrollably, and causing their childhood speech impediment to reappear. no offense)

Step 3: The Target Has Been Found

This is the piece I'm after, yours may look different but it's location is always with the LCD panel. THE LCD PANEL IS VERY DELICATE AND MOST BE SEPARATED BEFORE DR.FRANKENSTEIN (YOU) ATTEMPT ANY GHETTO REPAIRS. in my case, once the LCD assembly was disassembled the digitizer SEPARATED from the LCD panel. *if you can't identify the digitizer I suggest you reconsider repair. *If you are sane I suggest you close my guide and just order a replacement I can't stress that enough! personally I hate buying parts online simply because I'm impatient. I also enjoy repairing electronics using unconventional and idiotic methods(I typically have a 15% chance of success in these endeavors).

moving on: once the target has been identified we then start the operation.
"Nurse pass me the scalpel" Nayhey said to the kitten near his feet.

"but doctor all I have is a lighter" he said. *in a creepy impersonation of a woman voice.

"meow" the kitten interrupted in a futile attempt to obtain attention.nayhey continues

"perfect let's kill, err fix it with fire!".

Step 4: LET'S BURN

identify the target side, this side has thin bit plastic glued to the glass and the flat cable (I hate ffc cables). The opposite side should not be introduced to the "tool". This side of the digitizer looked like a really cool reflective window. 1. Starting with the top right corner and moving in a consistent pattern slowly warming the glass *DO NOT BURN THE PLASTIC. THE GOAL IS TO REVIVE THE ADHESIVE BY WARMING IT.2 With your Palms pressed together and the inverter board between them, firmly but gently apply pressure to the heated screen.this is to close any gaps or air pockets. *if your religious I'd suggest praying as it will appear that you are to the untrained eye. Personally I was humming the tune to M.A.S.H (I hate that show).once your satisfied and think you've succeeded reassemble and test.

Step 5: AWWWW YEAAA!!!!!! IT'S ALIVE!!

Well it's kinda hard to capture my touchscreen working in pictures, when I initially purchased this camcorder I was unable to use the touchscreen. Now It works flawlessly (except I couldn't remember how to reassemble the hinge, but hey I don't care the touchscreen WORKS). Repeat steps if unsuccessful.Thanks for reading my guide if you liked this guide, I'd love to hear it! I've repaired lots of things in ways that scare engineers and manufacturers alike. This is the first one guide I've published, typically I write one, and get scared of the backlash and delete it.

Step 6:



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    14 Discussions

    It works like a charm!


    1 year ago

    I broke my tablet screen and it is half working. Can I use this method to fix it?

    I love your devil-may-have-cared mode of flinging yourself into forbidden territory. It didnt help me with my problem, which is a dead touchscreen on HP D7460 printer, but heck I need to loosen up, ya made me laugh. I am laugh-powered.


    1 year ago

    nice one! :D But you may want to check this.


    1 year ago

    You could hire a professional instead :p

    Teny for

    Does this work on a smartphone?

    I'm going to address the elephant in the room here. You not only fixed a camera. You fixed the internet. There aren't any negative comments down there. Good job.

    Do you think this will work for a lipo laser machine (Ultrasonic slimming RF Diode Lipo Laser)? Touch screen is not working. I know the machine is good and I'm hoping this is an easy fix.

    I can't believe it, but this fixed my touch screen! I am 58 yr old woman that has never opened a camera before. I decided I had nothing to lose so I tried this with a hair dryer. I now have a working camera and can watch and copy my precious tapes again. Thank you

    1 reply

    Thank you from another 50 + year old for the hair dryer idea, my camera is now working also

    OMG....It Worked, I also used the hair blower, and never thought it would work, but no loss, it already wasn't working. Now it is working like new again. I only took out the 4 little screws and popped the plastic cover off and was couldn't get it apart any farther so just used the hair dryer on both sides of the touch screen, being careful to not melt any plastic.

    1 reply

    Well, well, well. You sir, are a genius. I now have a fully working Arnova 8 G2 Dual Touch tablet.

    The only thing I did differently than yourself is I used a hairdryer on hot hot hot to heat up the back of the touchy bit as its a bit bigger plus I only have a zippo handy which gives off black reek etc.

    Anyway, result. Thank you for you entertaining and informative instructable!


    Well after searching google for "tablet resistive touch screen fix" your instructable is the second link and the first one looked crap so here I am and about to attempt a repair on a slightly bigger touchscreen using your methods (arnova tablet gifted to me for the usb port to use to fix another tablet, found in a drawer months after receiving it and easily fixed the boot loop it was stuck in only to find touch screen buggered). Wish me luck!

    p.s. dont be scared of any backlash, your guide is sound :)