Fix Error Code E17 & E13 Bosch Vision 500 With Aquashield




My Bosch Vision 500 Washer is always giving me error codes E17 and E13.
E17 indicates that water is leaking and getting into the bottom of your machine.

E13 indicates that your pump is taking too long to empty the machine and needs cleaned out.

Today I am going to show you how to take the "Aquastop" out of your Bosch as well as drain & clean out your pump!

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Step 1: I Will Start With the E17 Code!

One of the most aggravating things about the E17 code is that when it is going off, your machine door locks up and then it will do nothing but beep and flash E17!

Your machine could be literally spewing water, yet it will NOT allow you to drain & spin to get rid of the water!

It also will NOTallow you to open the door to get things out; your clothes are now held HOSTAGE, they could be rotting in the washer for hours, days, WEEKS, even ....before it dries out enough down below for your machine to stop freaking out!

And ...what if it is leaking? It certainly won't ever dry out then!

For years now I have been dealing with the E17 code by tipping the machine back to allow the water to drain out of the sensor mechanism. But now, I am pleased to announce.. I will no longer be obligated to tip back 250 lbs of machine full of water to regain control of this situation, and neither will you, if you follow these instructions.

My machine does have a small leak, there is a hole in the door seal... but it is pretty minor and I don't have the money or feel the need to fix it. In addition, in my research on this indicates that some people are getting the E17 code even when there is no water leaking, and I certainly have suspected this myself.

That said, if you have a leak, you should certainly consider fixing it!



Plus, know that doing these things to your machine may void any warranty you have.

(My machine is not under warranty, and I am a brave person who feels at liberty to do as I please.)

Now Then, let's begin.

First you must remove the front panel.

I already had mine off because I am constantly having to clean out my pump.

Grasp both sides of your bottom front panel on the sides, and pull straight down toward the floor. It is held on by plastic clips that slide out when pulled downward.
When you get it off, It will look something like this first pic.

Pic #2 & 3 here shows the water sensor housing, which is located in the floor panel of your machine.

In these pics, you can see an almond colored switch behind it, that is the actual sensor button~ which I had already removed from inside, yours will still be inside.

Step 2: Open the Water Sensor Housing Case and Remove the Sensor Switch!

Use a flat screwdriver to pry up the top of the white sensor housing case and pull out your sensor switch.
When I did this, the little plastic clips holding it in place broke, but I don't care!

I have no intention of having a functioning flood control switch ever... EVER again!

In the 3rd pic here, you can see the Styrofoam that is supposed to float up during a flood to push that gray button on the bottom of the almond colored sensor.

In the 4th pic you can see the gray button that triggers the infernal E17 error code!

Step 3: Disable the E17 Flood Control Switch

Yes, yes, you must separate the little grey button from its Styrofoam partner in crime!

I initially tried just unplugging the sensor switch, but the E17 code continued onward, undeterred...

so I plugged it back in,

Then I broke off the little plastic peg inside the housing that was holding the switch in place, turned the switch sideways inside the housing, then loosely placed the cover back on.

All you have to do is place the switch somewhere to ensure that the little grey button won't get pushed.

Just make sure it is in a place where it won't get wet!

It also has to remain plugged in for your machine to function, apparently.

That is all there is to it, you are done!

Now my machine is happily washing clothes again...

(and has remained so as I update this NOV 2015. I have not had to deal with the E17 error code ever again since I did this! Yay!)

Well, ..that is until it was time for it to drain!

Then I got the E13 code, which we shall deal with NEXT!

Step 4: Clean Out the Pump on Your Bosch Vision 500 Washer

On the right bottom of your machine directly inside the circular hole, is the pump...

This machine ought to have a filter in line before the pump, or at least have an easy way to drain the darn machine. Or, better yet, have a valve that you can close off so that you don't even have to drain it before you can service it.

But is does NOT, and while I try hard to check ALL pockets EVERY time, Lego Dudes & other miscellaneous things sneak past sometimes. With 6 kids at home I am frequently found crouched in front of the washer tediously draining the machine so that the pump can be cleaned out.

Note the little lego dude who has escaped the pocket of my 7yo son's jeans.

Apparently there were several of them, all having a swimmingly good time in the wash cycle.

So, I feel that I am a qualified expert in the field. ;)

I am planning on installing some kind of in line filter with an easy clean-out for my pump eventually; I will make an instructable for that when I do! Then, You Too can have a pimped out Bosch Vision 500.

Step 5: First You Must Drain Your Machine

First, try to get your machine to pump out any water that it will.

This will make draining your pump about a million times easier! Do this by running the drain & spin cycle.

When I tried the drain & spin cycle, my machine gave me the E13 code, equivalent to showing me the finger! Then it laughed its continual beeping laugh at me, and refused to pump, ...It was enjoying being full of water...

but I silenced it by turning it to off, and then tried running the drain&spin again

..and it miraculously drained! Hooray!!

I assure you, however, the problem was NOT gone... yet.

But persevere, my friends and you shall be victorious!

SO...There is a small black hose with a plug in it down near your pump.

You can see that mine is currently plugged with a toothbrush, last time I did this I lost the plug & in my desperation I had to use the toothbrush, it was a matter of Flooding vs NOT Flooding!

So, therefore, I cannot show you a photo of the actual plug. You will have to view this ratty old toothbrush.

NOW then...Be prepared with a bucket ...

Put your drain hose down into the bucket, and pull out your plug. This may take some strength.

Wrestle it out, my dearies.

If your machine is not on a pedestal, you will find that your bucket has to be tipped far, far, far to the side in order for the hose to go into it and still be able to drain. Your bucket will barely be able to hold any water, as you will have it leaned down so low. Shallow containers are worse, as they tend to spill when you bail.

(I Do recommend putting your machine on a pedestal. It may go to your machines head, but your pump draining process will go easier.)

You will need another bucket nearby in which to dump the bounty of water which will ensue.

Plug the hose up each time you dump your bucket, so as to avoid a flood.

Fill and dump many, many times.

Eventually all the water will be gone and you can move forward in life.

I suppose you could use a shopvac, but I prefer to keep life interesting and do things the hard way.

You have my regal permission to take the easy route in this instance, if that is your preference.

Step 6: Remove the Pump Cover

Remove the PUMP COVER.

Do not do so until fully drained, or there will be a tsunami in your laundry area!
This cover will unscrew
, turn Righty-Tighty, Lefty Loosey.

Have a towel or two ...or three handy, depending on how well you drained your pump.

A shop vac might be handy here as well.

Just know that despite all your draining, some water will come out when you open your pump.

Even if you spent a great deal of time & effort draining your machine!

Step 7: Clean Out Your Pump!

Clean out your pump.

Today, my pump had a Lego, a Small Stick and a bunch of Gravely Stuff. I have pulled out rubber bands, hair clips, wads of hair, socks.. and many other disgusting things from my pump in the past.

If you are averse to disgusting stuff, please call a service technician and pay them a bunch of money to clean out your pump.

Plus, wait the many days It will take for them to come to your house while your clothes rot in the machine because It is LOCKED up and won't let you have your clothes back.

(The Bosch Vision 500 will not allow you to take your clothes to the laundry mat... It locks up tight and refuses to open when there is a problem. And, It mocks you with its beeping laughter the whole time.)

Step 8: Close Everything Up and Start Washing Clothes Again!

Now, put the pump cover back on.

Make sure to put your plug (or toothbrush, as the case may be) back into the drain hose,

or you will get a floody surprise when you resume washing your clothing. (Don't ask me how I know!)

If you have disabled the flood control sensor as I have heretofore advised, you can obliviously continue washing your kids socks undeterred as water floods out the drain hose, without your Bosch Vision 500 mocking you and holding your clothing hostage! ...You will have to detect that your drain hose plug is not in place on your own.

And... try to keep the Lego Dudes out of the wash in the first place!

*Hopefully Bosch will read this and change their design. In fact, they
should hire me as a design consultant, As I am full of great Ideas that will make their machines much more user friendly!

**People who do not do laundry should NOT design washers without seeking input from those who do.

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    39 Discussions


    9 months ago

    Nice fix-it instructions - BUT in your first step - taking off the front panel, you should note that there are 3 screws in the bottom of that panel that must be removed. The screws on my washer are a Torx head. Otherwise, it was an easy fix. PS my washer is on a pedestal. If yours is not, you will have to block up the fro=nt so you can get to the screws.

    Thanks again


    Question 10 months ago on Step 8

    E13. We flooded the area predicted, cleaned the filter and let the clothes free. The machine runs BUT it floods as soon as it fills out. We tried reopening and tightening things but alas. Any ideas?
    And btw, great job here, humans against machines. Keep up the good work.


    Tip 1 year ago

    I had the e17 error and saw this post. I was going to follow instructions, but before I opened the sensor housing, I simply tried soaking up the excess water with paper towels. It worked!! Took 45 seconds and minimal effort :). Thank you for posting! Maybe this will help others, too


    Question 1 year ago on Step 8

    I replaced the pump but can't get the drain top hose to seat into the top of the pump. I lubed it with a little silicone but still won't seat. Afraid to use too many metal tools as it might split the plastic tubing. any ideas? is there a secret to do this? Video on Utube didn't show any difficulty at all, but I am having fits. Help please!


    Question 1 year ago on Step 3

    I have e17 code on my Bosch washer. I did these steps exactly and still have error. I even bypassed switch with jumper wire thinking switch was bad, still have error. Is there a reset that needs to be done to clear code? Stumped, please help


    1 year ago

    Thank you so much for this post! I was able to save the $200 flat rate for the appliance guy to come out and fix what turned out to be a simple issue. After fixing E13 (had some collar stays in there, and all sorts of gunk) I had to dry out the bottom for a bit to get the E17 to turn off. Not sure I would recommend removing the switch except as a last resort because the flood switch is a good thing to have. :-)


    2 years ago

    Thank you so much!!! Excellent Article! Helps us solve the problem. The humor is great and reflected our struggle as well. My wife sends you hugs and kisses!


    2 years ago

    All was going well on my Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus until I tried to remove the pump cover. Only the cover lid came off leaving all the guts inside. There's not much to grab to try to pull the rest of it out, only a circular ridge that seems like its supposed to snap into the lid. Any ideas about how to get this part out?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I use the same adjustable pliers I use to unscrew the cover to grab the small ridge. It pulls out easily. Then, simply snap the two pieces back together before you put it back in.


    3 years ago

    So im slightly stumped i have the e13 code, i cleaned my pump, which had the usual junk and thought that cured the problem, checked the hoses and the impeller seems to spin freely. I still have the issue when it tries to drain. Is there somwhere else i can check for blockage? Should i disassemble my pump ? Thanks

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I have had this problem as well a few times, each time it turned out to be a rubber band or some string wrapped up around my pump's impeller mechanism. It was difficult to see, and the pump also seemed to be spinning fine, but then it would malfunction when I ran the machine. Further close inspection revealed the rubber band or string wrapped up in the impeller.


    2 years ago

    Wow.... Fantastic, ShannonT1! My clothes weren't coming out fully dry, and I was getting a 'SUDS' warning before the E13 error. Thanks to your excellent instructions, I'm confident that I have cleared the issue (I did already replace the drive belt, too, but that was only $15 in parts).

    Some additional thoughts for first-timers:

    1) There are catches in each of the 8(!) small holes that you can see in the seccnd picture. So when my front panel wouldn't just come down, I gently used a flat-head screwdriver pushed in between the 'main' and lower panel and rotated in various places to slowly pry the lower panel off.

    2) Make sure that you clean all dirt out of the pump cover screw threads, so that it doesn't bind next time. Use a damp thin cloth (those blue 'Shop Rags' on a roll work well) rotating COUNTER-clockwise are a good start. I then screwed JUST the cover in part way, removed it, and scraped the dirt to loosen it while sucking it up with a vacuum. Repeat until threads are clean.

    As for a pedestal, I made my own out of 2, 10' pieces of 2x10s with a 7/8" plywood top and some 2x4 legs to level it.It has held both my washer and dryer for years with no problem. Make a standard box (with a central cross-piece; looks like an 8 from the top) with 8, 2x10 corner braces (leave enough room for a 2x4 leg inside the brace). I glued closed cell foam to the bottom of any wood that will sit on the concrete floor. It raises the washer and dryer 11" at the back and about 14" at the front (due to the sloped floor; my drain is right in front of my washer). Total cost, about $50.


    3 years ago

    Nice I think we're in business. I wanted to add something real quick though. During my struggle with this machine I discovered a cord you can pull down to release the door lock, it's right above the drain from your pictures. Thought that might help someone out.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    Another thought on that, if your machine is full of water, you don't want to go pulling on that manual lock override thing without draining it first, there will be some rather floody ramifications!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Ha! Yes, I forgot about that... it's not readily apparent though is it? My husband knows where it is, I think he had to replace it once after it broke on him... Would love if you post a picture!


    3 years ago

    I have been clearing E13 on my machine by doing a similar process for years. Most of the time I find nothing in the chamber that would be clogging or blocking the pump. Sometimes is works. Sometimes it I have to clean it out, try to run the drain/spin cycle several times before it decides to actually drain without getting the same error. Today I have tried all the tricks over and over again but still getting E13. Does this mean it is time to break down and replace them pump? Is there anything else I should try before doing that?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    I wonder if there's some hair or string, maybe a rubber band or something wrapped up in your pump that you can't see?
    I've had that before... a rubber band was the culprit. I could NOT see it, but it was wrapped up around my pump.

    I'd be surprised if there wasn't something in there!

    I just had an incident where a sock got sucked up into my machine and little bits of it were going in the pump,
    and so it would intermittently give me the E13 code.
    It seemed like nothing was in there, but I knew there were little bits of fluff appearing on the door when the washer spun out.
    Plus my washer was making some rather alarming sounds during the spin cycle,
    and the pump was making sounds also.

    Then, after a few days the mangled sock finally appeared in my pump.
    I was able to get it out and things have been fine since.

    The pump seems remarkably indestructible, considering the astounding variety of things I've pulled out of it.
    It's more likely something is just stuck in your pump!

    If you can't find it,
    it might be worth your time to pull the pump out and see if you can't find something.

    I really do need to install some kind of inline filter for the pump! And post instructable on it!


    Reply 3 years ago

    When I had the rubber band in there, it would work sporadically as you describe..


    I have been able to clean out my drain and removed about 58cents a screw and a bunch of small glass and a few pieces of glitter.
    Can someone tell me how to find the flood control switch?

    1 reply

    Hi, sorry I missed your comments, glad you got your pump cleaned out.

    This instructable also shows you where the flood control switch or "aquastop" is, and how to disable it if you desire.