Fix Your Rakes

Introduction: Fix Your Rakes

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Rakes Break.
Fix them!
it's usually just the handles that wear out, weather and snap. It happened to two of mine.
I came across some handles and thought it was time to have long rakes again!

Supplies needed:
Broken Rake
New Handle
Spray paint
Baling wire

Tools used:
Belt Sander
Sand Blaster

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Step 1: Take Off Old Handle

Remove the keeper screw from the rake head that attached to the handle.

Step 2: Sand New Handle to Match Old Handle

I used the belt sander for this. It really goes quickly and the trick is to keep rotating the handle and it is being sanded.
Keep test fitting as you go. If you over sand and the handle gets too skinny, just sand off the end and keep working at it.

Step 3: Remove Rust

The plastic rake is ready to re assemble, but the metal one has surface rust and really shows signs of age - it's almost 30 years old after all!

I put it in the sand blaster for a quick cleanup.

Step 4: Reform As Needed

A couple well placed mallet blows make everything tight and nice again.

Step 5: Paint Metal Rake

Metal rakes will rust again.
You can slow that down by coating them with paint!
I used a hammer tone spray paint.

I like to hang items that need paint from a low branch with baling wire. Make a simple hook and be sure nothing will bump it if a breeze picks up.

Step 6: Reassembly

Drill a guide hole and screw the rake back onto the new handle.

Go rake something! You did it!

I repaired these rakes at the Tech Shop in San Carlos. They have many great tools, and the ones I needed for this project.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That's cool, I have a few old rakes laying around, I should restore them too. Save money, live better, right?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    it's an option.... ;-)

    I kept seeing good handles pop up and had to use them!