FlipShare 4.5 Converts .mp4 to .wmv Without 3rd Party Software




Introduction: FlipShare 4.5 Converts .mp4 to .wmv Without 3rd Party Software

Use FlipShare v 4.5 software to output Flip clips in .wmv format compatible with Windows Movie Maker - no conversion software necessary.

You will need your Flip camera and a Windows computer with a USB port. The time to complete this Instructable varies depending on the number and size of the video clips you are converting.

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Step 1: In the FlipShare Main Window Select the Video Clip(s) to Convert

Connect the Flip video camera  to your PC using the built-in USB. The FlipShare program will launch automatically. Video clips display in the pane on the right in the FlipShare program.

Tip: To select multiple clips hold the Ctrl key while you click on each video.

Step 2: Select Your Share Options

To take advantage of this little known feature we trick the FlipShare into thinking we want to upload video clips to the Internet.

Step 3: Let the FlipShare Software Think You're Uploading the Clip(s).

Follow the the steps below in the FlipShare program
(You won't really upload the clip(s) but Flip doesn't need to know that)

Step 4: Enter a Folder Name to Save the Clip(s) In.

Name your folder and begin the download/conversion of video to your Desktop folder.

Step 5: Wait for the FlipShare Software to Finish Downloading/converting.

Pay attention to the progress bar  as it reports the status of the download/conversion.

The status bar is not  prominently displayed, so be sure to check the status and do not disconnect the camcorder until the process is complete.

A new window will open when your download finishes.

Step 6: Close the Upload Window Using the X in the Upper Right

The process is complete!

Since you are not uploading your clip(s) to the Internet you do not need to continue further.

Clicking on Go won't hurt a thing. It will open a browser window and navigate to FlipShare's website where clips may be uploaded, but you want to head to your Desktop!

Step 7: Locate Your Folder and Wmv File(s) on the Desktop

You'll find a folder on your Desktop with your downloaded/converted .wmv file(s).

The .wmv format is compatible with Windows Movie Maker so you're ready to edit in Movie Maker.

This Instructable applies to FlipShare software prior to version 5.0.
Sadly, this handy conversion feature was eliminated in version 5.0
which requires a 3rd party utility to convert from Flip's .mp4 to .wmv.

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