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Introduction: Floating Desk

Sometimes you want something a little different or don't have very much room but you NEED a desk! Well having a floating desk is perfect for what you will need!

Step 1: The Box

The first step is to create a box using 2x4's. This box can be created to any size and shape desired. The box that was created for this piece is 42" X 16" with two pieces of wood in the center to give further strength to the desk.

Step 2: The Finishing

After the box is made, glue your choice of finishing wood onto the top and sides of your desk. It is also your choice to stain or leave the wood natural before or after this step.

Step 3: The Wall

Mount the desk to the wall with screws going through the 2x4s underneath the desk. For added looks and a bit of over-engineering, we added a tension feature using four U hooks; two to the wall and two to the desk. The U hooks were connected by tying off rope.

Step 4: Finished

After the desk is screwed into the wall, place your computer and a few decorative minions onto the desk and enjoy your new and inexpensive desk that looks like you spent hundreds on it!!!

The one I created was only $30 but I did use stain and screws I already had.



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    4 months ago


    keep doing ...

    hate to tell you bud,but a floating desk is where you can't see any hardware. That is a hanging desk, Bud.

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