Flopper Stopper - 3D Printed Wristwatch Support

Flopper Stopper keeps your watch in its proper viewing angle. It was invented to stop my watch from flopping around and to keep it in constant position for the optimum viewing angle.

Due to a gymnastics fracture in high school a bone in my wrist began to deteriorate, dry up and die. Ten years out of school the bone was crumbling. The fix was to replace it with a plastic prosthetic implant. Unfortunately, plastic contracts and expands with changes in ambient temperature at a rate different than bones and tissue. Consequently my watch flopped around so much throughout the day it was frequently rotated out of view when I needed to "glance the time". Hence the Flopper Stopper was born. If you have this unfortunate situation or just don't like a tightly bound watch on your wrist then try this aid to keep your eye on the time!

The first five 3D prints required adjustments to understand the ergonomic interchange between the watch, the flopper stopper and my wrist. Part of the fun of Instructables is the process so don't get discouraged if you don't get yours right the first time. I have uploaded the Autocad, 123D Design and the Cura files so download, print and enjoy!

Step 1: Flopper Stopper - Design and Mods

  • I designed this starting with Autocad to create a 2D side image of the approximate dimensions.
  • I imported that file into Autodesk 123D Design. This free program is easy to learn and easy to use. You can be up and using this program in less than an hour. I extruded the width slightly wider than my watch band and added windows to allow the band to slide thru. You may need to adjust the width and windows for your watchband size.
  • This file was then imported into Cura (the software which came with my Lulzbot Ultimaker) to create the Gcode file the printer uses to execute the print. Follow this link to download Cura for free: https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software.
  • One annoyance will be the need to slide the clasp side of your band thru the windows on the flopper stopper. My Withings watch has quick release pins on the band so it was easy to detach the side with the clasp and run it thru the window in the Flopper Stopper (otherwise you may need to make this window large enough for your clasp to pass thru).



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Thanks! Yes my wrists are small too!


    2 years ago

    Good design, I hope it stops your watch from rotating on you! :) I've got little wrists so I run into the same problem.