Flowerpot Lighthouse Project ~ What You Need for the Project....

What you need:

· Paint brushes

· Red, white, black, and blue paint

· Super glue

· Decorative rope

· Spray weather sealant

· 15-inch terra-cotta saucer

· 10-inch terra-cotta flower pot

· 8-inch terra-cotta flower pot

· 6-inch terra-cotta flower pot

· Solar-powered garden lantern

· Small pebbles

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Step 1: Instructions............


1. Paint the base of the flower pots red.

2. Paint the rim of the flower pots white.

3. Paint a window, approximately 1 square inch, about half an inch from the rim of the pot.

4. Glue decorative rope around the edge of the pot’s rim.

5. Paint the saucer blue.

6. After everything has dried, spray with a weather sealant.

7. Once the sealant is dry, stack the pots from largest to smallest in the center of the saucer.

8. Glue the lantern to the top.

9. Fill the remaining space on the saucer with pebbles.

10. Place your lighthouse in a sunny spot in your yard or garden and enjoy!

Step 2:

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