Flying a 3 Channel RC (gyro) Helicopter.




Introduction: Flying a 3 Channel RC (gyro) Helicopter.

Flying a RC helicopter is easy, but flying one with a gyro is a whole lot easier. If you don't know what a gyro is. I'll tell you in  step one. I will be showing the following, charging dock, throttle, steering, landing, lift off, what a gyro is, and what is a three channeled controller. 

Step 1: What Is a Three Channel Control and Gyro?

A three channel controlled helicopter, means that you can make it fly six directions. Forward, backwards, left, right, up, and down.
There is more than one definition of a gyro. So, what it basically does is it Auto-stabilizes the helicopter. Even though it has a gyro you still will need to use the trim. If you want to see a gyro Google search "toy gyro";  this is the best way to see what a gyro is, because there is websites that will tell you more facts than what I know.

Step 2: Flying

If the throttle stick does not have a spring, it can hover. The left side of the controller is to gain and lose altitude, and the right side is to move it forward, backwards, and side to side (L & R)

Step 3: Trimming

Trimming is super simple. If the helicopter is spinning to  the right (clockwise), you move the trim knob to the left.
If the helicopter is spinning to the left (counter clockwise), you move the trim knob to the right .  It's that simple.


Charging is important if you want your helicopter to last. If you don't fully charge the helicopter, you will have to replace the battery. Some helicopters can be charged by USB. But they are commonly charged by the charging dock in the controller. 

Step 5: Landing and Lift Off.

I will show you a video flying the helicopter.  You will be able to see my other Instructable's video, but don't see them because that's not what you want unless you are interested in making an RC car out of  Legos  So here is the video, hope you like it.

Step 6: Have Fun!!!

Once you know how to fly it, you will be able to have hours of fun.
I hope you enjoyed seeing this Instructables, and learned something. 



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