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Introduction: Foam Printing Stamp

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After seeing a few instructables that showed different ways of printing/screenprinting a design, I decided a wanted to have a go at it myself. I didn't have many of the components for the ones I looked at, and as I am really really impatient, I thought of other ways I could do a similar thing - and this is what I've come up with (some elements are my own thoughts, and some are a combination of ideas I've elsewhere).

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Step 1: What You'll Need.

To make this stamp you will need:

*Foam - cut to the size of the media you want to print on (I used a mouse mat with the fabric-y material removed),
*Cardboard - double the size of the material you want to print on,
*Ink - I used ink for refilling inkjet cartridges (as I had no other type), but any other type of ink should be okay,
*Sticky back plastic (optional) - I used this to prevent the cardboard from getting wet and soggy,
*Glue ,
*Scissors ,
*Media to print onto -  I used thin card, but you could use paper, fabric, or any other material you want (it's all about experimenting).

Step 2: Designing Your Stamp.

I wanted to print something simple, yet quirky, but could also be cut out with scissors (as I do not have a craft knife or laser cutter ) - I decided that I wanted to print a large moustache.

As I was using quite thick foam, I couldn't print the outline of the design directly onto it, so instead, as I was using a simple design, I printed it onto card for the outline to be traced onto the foam.

REMEMBER:When printed, your design will come out in reverse.

Step 3: Tracing Design and Cutting Foam.

If you printed onto card:Place the cut out design onto the foam, and then trace around it. 
If you printed directly onto the foam:Move onto the paragraph below.

Cut out the design carefully using scissors, or a craft knife if you have one.

Step 4: Making Stamp-press Mechanism.

Draw out the measurements of your "press mechanism" as shown in the diagram.

Cut out around the edges, so you have on big neat piece of cardboard. Then score down the lines in the middle.

OPTIONAL: Now, cut out a piece of sticky back plastic the same size as your piece of cardboard. Then, stick this onto the opposite side of the cardboard to where you scored the two lines in the middle.

Next you need to stick the foam design onto the cardboard press mechanism.

Step 5: Using the Press to Print Your Design.

Apply ink to the foam pad, and let it sink into the foam for a short while. When the ink has sank into the foam, and there is no longer a pool of surplus ink on the foam, you can begin to print. To print your design, put the media that you want printed onto the half of the cardboard with no foam. Then close both sides together and press down firmly and evenly. Then, open up the press and remove the paper, your design should be printed.

You will need to experiment with amount of ink used, and how long you press down on the mechanism to get the print that you desire.

Step 6: Finished Piece.

This is my finished piece, it is a moustache printed on thin card, using black inkjet refill ink.

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