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This is a fun, colorful project that anyone can create. Experiment with different colors, designs, and patterns. The end product looks like you've tie-dyed your paper. It makes a beautiful framed gift, homemade card, or simple wall art. This project is enjoyable for adults and kids alike!

Note - the adorable three-year-old artist :)


Cardstock or Sturdy Paper

Permanent Marker

Washable Markers

Spray Bottle Filled with Water

Aluminum Foil

Drop Cloth (optional)

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Gather supplies and place a drop cloth to prevent permanent marker stains on the underlying surface.

Step 2: Draw Base Design

Practice drawing your base design with your permanent marker. When ready, draw your base design on your cardstock. Be sure that your marker is permanent; otherwise, the design will run in next steps.

Note - you can see our practice designs on our drop cloth.

Step 3: Color Foil

Unroll a piece of aluminum foil, flatten, and draw on the surface with your washable color markers.

Step 4: Apply Water

Spritz your aluminum foil color surface with your spray bottle. Be sure to apply enough water to get the surface damp, but not too much that the colors run. Otherwise, you will end up with a lovely shade of brown.

Step 5: Apply Design

Place your original design face down on the color foil. Rub the paper gently to ensure color transfer.

Step 6: Lift Paper and Dry

Carefully lift the paper from the foil and leave in a safe place to dry. Enjoy your custom rainbow artwork!

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    16 days ago on Step 6

    This is very simple and neat and could apply to many things. Nice job.

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    Reply 14 days ago

    Thanks! We have had a great time creating with this technique :)