Foldaway Bike Racks




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I always have people staying with me who have bikes. I needed a way store all of there bikes in my garage and still have space to parka car and build. This simple project lets you make cheap fold away bike racks.

Step 1: The Materials

1 1x4x48 wood
4 2" wood screws
4 Washers

Step 2: Measurements

I made one piece and used it as a template for the rest. You'll need to measure how ffar apart your studs are for the stop, Also make sure you have enough room between the wall and your handlebars.

Step 3: Make Your Template

Sketch it out on your wood and then cut it out with a scroll saw.

Put the hole in 1 3/4" in and 13/4" up so that they can fold away.

Step 4: Try It Out.

Screw the stop in to the studs.
Attach the arms with a washer on each end.

Try it out.



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    11 Discussions

    Gen R

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, we r looking for some like this but not have enough space, we need tu hang 4 bikes ( 2 x 2 ) the barn door hinges sound great too !!! thanks for your comments & help , saludos from Cancun!!!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    On drywall I'd probably put the hooks on a 1x6 with barn door hinges so they folded flat (instead of swinging up), then screw that through the drywall into studs with 4 long drywall screws.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea. It would only work for me if it were possible to even get within about 4 feet of my garage walls; I have lumber racks, storage shelves, garden tool racks, power tools and workbenches taking up every inch of wall space. The bikes compete for space in the middle of the garage with piles of lumber for my next project. The car lives outside.


    12 years ago

    Nice Palomino Bottom right. -alex


    12 years ago

    I was just tripping over all the bikes in the garage last night and was thinking of a way to get them on the wall.. Great Idea.. One I will put on my to-do list. Thanks


    13 years ago

    Fnord - Step 1 has the parts listed as: 4 2" wood screws 4 Washers At one point the pictures matched up to the steps, I'll fix that. But if I had a magic Ninja hammer I'd use the shit out of it. They sell those on Rock on, -Joe


    13 years ago let me get this straight. The axles that make this rack fold away are *nails*? I take it you have Majic Ninja Hammer Powers that allow you to hammer a nail in at perfect right angles into a vertical member (aka "stud"), to the precise depth needed, in such a way as it will not be too tight, nor get sloppy and fall out over time. In terms of average-Joe thumb-banger carpentry, I give this project A+ for idea, C- for execution. A'll raise it to a B- average if said average Joe doesn't have a power drill. My suggestion: splurge on 1/4"-20 carriage bolts + fender washers + nuts or similar hardware, and predrill a slightly outsize hole in the piece shown in this picture. But then, I don't have Magic Ninja Hammer Powers. Or a Waterford. :)


    13 years ago

    nice waterford!