Foot Warmer Tutorial

Introduction: Foot Warmer Tutorial

My feet have been {freezing} lately with the cold weather!!! My husband I came up with the idea to make a foot warmer cozy!  After some trial & error (lots of error I might add), I came up with a fast & easy way to make one!  I hope following this tutorial makes it easier for you to make one for yourself or as a gift (this tutorial is not intended for you to make & sell this product!)!

Foot Warmer Cozy Tutorial

Step 1: To make a pattern, I took some of my husbands shoes & traced around them onto some Christmas wrapping paper.  It had a nice grid on the back of the paper. I allowed about 1" allowance around the shoes. The pattern is approx 12x15.

Step 2: After cutting out the pattern, I rounded off the edges by using a DVD.

Step 3. After rounding the edges of the paper, I fold the pattern in half for the top part of the cozy

Step 4: I cut 3 pieces of  fabric with the pattern: batting (for insulation), interior fabric (the minky material) & exterior fabric (the patterned blue fabric).  Because the minky material (brown fabric) is a good insulating fabric anyway, I did not need to use batting.

Step 5: With the pattern folded in half, I cut two pieces of fabric (interior & exterior)

Step 6: Take the "halfsies" and pin them together right side together at the straight edge. You will sew together the straight edge (the bottom).

Step 7: Layer the fabric as shown: 1st Layer Batting, 2nd Layer bottom fabric, 3rd Layer Halfsies fabric, 4th Layer Top Fabric.  Make sure that the 2nd & 4th Layer are right side together & the halfsies fabric is right side together with the matching fabric touching each other!

Step 8: Pin & sew the layers together, allowing for a 3" opening for turning.  I allowed about 1/2 seam allowance when sewing.  I had to go with the flow with sewing the edges because when you work with minky material (the brown fabric), it moves a lot when sewing:

Step 9: Once sewed together, trim the excess fabric from the edges.

Step 10: Turn the fabric right side out (make sure you turn the top & bottom fabrics rightsize out...not the batting side!):

NOTE: This Foot Warmer Cozy is reversible!  But I like to keep my feet minky side in!  Soooo soft & cozy!

Step 11: Fill your fabric with rice (a funnel would be a handy tool to use, but I could not find mine) between the minky material & batting:

Add as much rice as you like, but do not overfill.  I fill mine half way full (I am a glass half full kindof a gal!).

Step 12: Sew together the opening to close it off.

Step 13: All done!!!!! Pop it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and enjoy!!!

For more info or questions, go to my website: (formally

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    What kind of rice! Regular or instant! Sounds stupid but am wondering!

    Great idea and thanks!


    Reply 4 years ago

    I know it's been a while since you asked, but I decided to post so folks would know. You have to use a regular rice, not instant. The medium grain ones like Rose rice are nice and smooth, so not so pointy, though any regular rice works. I tend to like the Rose rice best. I buy my rice at Mitsuwa. You should be able to find at any Asian market though.