Forever Foaming Coca Cola Can





Introduction: Forever Foaming Coca Cola Can

Once upon a time I went to a Fun Fair in the UK and there was a stall at which you could win one of these forever foaming cans. The sight of this quirky funky object stayed with me because ... it turns out I am rubbish at getting balls into fishbowls, so I never actually won one. Fast forward to last week when I thought to myself, "Right-o... I'll just make my own ..." and so I did!

Step 1: ♪♫ the Bare Necessities...forget About Your Troubles and Your Strife... ♫♪

► Newspaper to work on

► Cling wrap to spread over the newspaper to work on so the expanding foam doesn't stick to the paper

► Expanding foam

► An empty can of Coca Cola - or beer, or Fanta, or IRN BRU anything you like....

► One single solitary straw

Step 2: Actually Doing It...

Prepare the surface you will work on

Shake the can of expanding foam as per its instructions.

Test the expanding foam on a piece of newspaper so you get a gist of the speed and thickness at which it leaves the can.

Look at your can and see where the foam might go.... meaning, try not to make it cover the main logo on the can completely.

Starting at the hole in your can, apply expanding foam and keep squeezing so that the foam runs down the side of the can.

It doesn't matter if the line is thin - it's called expanding foam for a reason :)

Step 3: Stick It In....

Quickly stick the straw through the foam and into the hole in the can.

The foam will expand around it giving it a nice, realistic effect.

Step 4: ...and You're Done!

Just sit back and watch the foam expand. It will look pretty cool, just as though someone had shaken up the can.

My Coca Cola can is on my desk and very much a conversation piece.




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    10 Discussions

    Cool, the foam looks kind of like white clay or play-doh.

    1 reply

    Depends very much on the type of expanding foam you use. The brand I used is quite a buttery yellow hue which is perfect - others may differ....may look whiter or a darker ocre colour...


    2 years ago

    growing up without carnival in hk, I don't really know the reference, but sure looks fun

    2 replies

    Ahhh but growing up in HK must have been magical... I adore HK :)

    HK is nice indeed, so easy to get craft supplies at low cost. but every coin has two sides, not complaining though. Home repairing and car products Like squeeze foam and silicone stuff are rare and expensive. i really wanna get into molding my sculptures, no garage and no cheap silicone supply.

    Man, irn bru is great. I so wish they had it in the states.

    1 reply

    Ahhh yes... and there are Americans in Australia craving Dr Pepper.... :)