Freaky Cheshire Cat From Alice in Wonderland

Only In Ur Mind:

Welcome to Only In Ur Mind. One of my good friends Michelle suggested to do a Alice in Wonderland make-up so I did the Cheshire Cat. I hope you all enjoy the wicked look cat.

Make-up used

Paradise face paint in red

Fab face paint: 144 Lemon Yellow, 105 bubble gum, 039 purple, and lalaland purple

Wolfe face and body paint in white

Diamond FX: neon violate

Music: YouTube

Step 1: Pre

I matted down my eyebrows using Elmers glue stick and power.

I used white eyeliner to map out where I would like the cats face.

Step 2: Filling In

I used Diamond FX neon violate and FAB 039 purple for the cats head.

And 105 bubble gum for the around the cats mouth.

Step 3: More Filling In

-I used Wolfe white for the teeth.

-Paradise red for the nose

-and FAB lemon yellow for the eyes

Step 4: Outline and Add

Outline everything on cat face like nose, eyes, and mouth.

Plus adds some eyebrows.

Step 5: More Outline and Adding

Outline the whole face and add lines for teeth.

Step 6: Add Ears

-almost forgot cats ears.

Step 7: Body and Background

-Alternate pink and purple strips on neck.

-Use black to separate the pink and purple.

-And paint black for the background.

Step 8: All Done

Hope you enjoyed!



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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    WOW!!! YOU ARE GOOD!!! @.@ My skin is too sensitive for colored face paint, that would be itch city on me! but that is so AWESOME!!!

    1 reply
    Only In Ur MindArticAkita

    Reply 3 years ago

    thank you ArticAkita, I'm happy you enjoyed it. It can sometimes get itchy too.