Freaky Contortionist Costume With False Legs





Introduction: Freaky Contortionist Costume With False Legs

About: Artist living and working in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Here's an easy way to increase your flexibility without years of yoga..
This costume was a one month build, with a cost around $100.
Equipment used:
Blue Foam
Various hand saws
Spray Adhesive
Duct Tape
Soft Foam
Quilt lining
6 meters of Fabric
Glue Gun
Re-barb Wire
Pantyhose (at least 3 pairs)

I approached this costume by using the supplies I'm already familiar with. I've used blue foam in the past and I find it to be a great way to make what I need.
In this case, I started by using spray adhesive to stack sheets foam to build blocks. I used a basic hand saw to carve out the buttocks/thigh, calf and feet respectively.

Once I had my rough shapes, I used sandpaper to smooth them out. I used a triple thick, extra long strand of re-barb wire to thread through each part of the leg, forming one continuous piece. I then used washers to tie off the wire at the top of the hip and the bottom of the foot. I left some space for the ankles, knees and hips to move.

You can see from the photos of the legs, I used duct tape, stuffing and foam to pad them out. I encased the padded legs in the first layer of pantyhose. I layered the next 2 layers of pantyhose, and added sequined panties which are attached to the midsection fabric. I filled the mid-section with more foam and padding and threaded the extra ends of the wire through.

For the table, I used a bisected circle of blue foam, with a hole cut out of the center that fit snugly around my waist. I used vecro on the top and bottoms of the foam to attach the 2 pieces together.

I added a few layers of soft foam under the circle to hold it tight against my body. I then draped each side with red velour, and added the black fringe to help camouflage the side seams. To attach the legs to the table, I poked the wires through the fabric and secured them on the underside of the table top using washers again.

The midsection of the legs/body is attached to my own back with pins. This costume was totally flexible. The wire has enough strength that it can hold poses, and also be moved around any which way. The design of the table allows for freedom of movement, independent access to the loo (very important! lol), ability to sit/dance and  walk around. All things I value as much as an impressive looking costume. I believe if you can't have fun in a costume you shouldn't bother wearing it! And this one was super fun!

Thanks for checking it out!

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1 year ago

Where did yo purchase the blue foam??

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pink insulation board - they sell it at Home Depot - 2' x 2' x 1"

add shoes to make it look more reaclistic

Please could you make me a pair?

Hello I was wondering how you cut out your legs. I noticed the stencil of the shape on the side of the foam but you are shown cutting the foam boards in half. Did you cut them in half and then cut the shapes our after ?

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Yes because that stack of foam was too wide. I think I got both sets out of that block of foam. I used that saw to get the rough shape, then sanded them down after.

Random, do you or would
You consider selling the legs and table (if you still have it) or create one for someone ? (Obviously get paid for it)

This is awesome! I was wondering if you have any more detiled pictures of the table? 'm doing a costume where I'm sawed in half and I'm struggling to figure out the table, thanks!

this is the best! I'm obsessed and keep coming back to look at it. I can't wait to make it--and if it took u a month, I better get started! Everything makes sense to me except using "washers to tie off the wire". How is that done? thanks

unbelievable job!


I LOVE the costume illusion. I thinks its great. But I have a question. On you list of stuff, you said you used

Re-barb Wire. But Re-barb is heavy, and not flexible at all. At least, not the stuff Ive ever seen. Usually use it for stakes and such. Do you have a pic of the wire? And would maybe hanger wire work as well? Especially since you mention you run it down from the foot to the hip.


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Hi- you're right it isn't re-bar (I have no idea why I wrote that). It's wire the thickness close to coat hanger, but purchased as a roll from Home Depot. I twisted a couple of strands together to make it thicker. Hope that helps!

It might be easier to use those leg-only mannequins that you find in running or underware stores. They might be less flexible and/or difficult to buy, though.

I'm making a version of this for my daughter, except as a gymnast.

Insuperable eres la mejor! You are the best¡ this is a very good idea for my costum im from canary islands (spain). Here we have one of the most importans carnivals of the word¡ two years ago i made the headless costum¡ it was fantastic, this year i will make this costume. Thank you, congratulations