Free Cable Ties


Introduction: Free Cable Ties

Have some long and annoying cables lying around? Who doesn't. These ties seriously take under a minute each to make, are free, and will work for a long time.

Duct Tape
Safety Pins

Step 1: Preparing Duct Tape

Take a piece of duct tape that is long enough to fit around your cables. Fold it in half.

Step 2: Assembly

Wrap the folded duct tape around your bundle of cables and poke the safety pin through. Try to get it as close as you can to the wires for a tight fit. That's it. You're done. How exciting.



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    11 Discussions

    I just posted my first instructable about how to re use cable ties after you've already tied them up.

    check it out

    Dunno what's up with the negative comments. It's simple, cheap and re-usable. I like it. Good job. //rick//

    !!!!WTF!!! You gotta be able to come up with better than this. How bout a plastic grocery bag ripped and stretched taught to make string. Or plastic wrap works the same way. I use plastic wrap as rope when ever I forget to wear a belt. Most people nowadays have the best invention ever made "zipties"

    3 replies

    Ok... Well, I don't just use these for 6' cables. I also have one of these for my 100' ethernet cable, for which a zip tie would be too short. I'm sorry if my Instructable has failed you...

    Well, the point of folding the tape is so the stickiness doesn't come off on your cables if you're picky about that sort of thing. :-)