Free DIY Sink Water Stopper

Introduction: Free DIY Sink Water Stopper

Pop up sink stopper not working? No problem, I got an easy, effective and best of all FREE alternative! This will work in a pinch, or for everyday use!
Perfect for hand washing clothes in the sink, washing dishes and even giving the baby or the pets a bath! Hope you find these useful!

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Step 1: What You Need

-Metal/plastic sink stopper(this stops toothbrushes and other objects from going down the sink)
-Any thin plastic material(like ziplock bags, grocery bags, thin plastic packaging, trash bags) There are so many possibilities, I cannot and refuse to keep naming them!
Whatever you use, make sure it's watertight and free of holes or rips!

Step 2: Place Plastic Over Sink Drain

Rip or cut a piece of plastic, about 5-6 inches:
Place over the drain, set your drain object stopper down into the drain as you usually would.
Place firmly and make sure the plastic is completely lipped around the stopper, with at least 1" overlay.

Step 3: Commence Use!

Turn water on, begin use! Typically holds for about 20mins or more! Turning the water on every few minutes will help balance out an very small leakage that may occur.

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    5 years ago

    thanks for posting that sometimes the simplest ideas are the farthest from our brain in a time of need. A+